Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Treasures on Tuesday....

Thank you Melody for hosting another Treasure Tuesday for us...... 

My wonderful weekend just has to be my treasure today....

On Saturday morning Hubz and I jumped into the car and drove a couple of hours into Brisbane....

We first went to the Botanical Gardens for a walk around.... look at the flowers on this hanging succulent....

... searching for fairies under the bonsai..... definitely could see where they had been picnicking...

over at the planetarium I met this cool Russian guy who understood the universe and stars....

spent a couple of hours at the museum... (the queues for the mummy exhibition were so long we didn't have a chance so missed out on that....)

 .... then finally off to find where I would be meeting up with the Brisbane Bloggers....

I had dinner.... just amazing.... Mussels cooked Portuguese style.....  I'll go back for this

I wanted to bring this home with me.....

in the morning we went for a walk at the sea side..... mmmm...

the seagulls set up a pose for us....

... and Hubz checked out a lighthouse he found interesting....

..... then off I went... the whole reason for the trip.... meeting all these other treasures...

From left to right.... Michelle, Helen, Noela, Susan, Cheryl, Lynda, Marilyn, De, Mary and Teresa
This party was so much fun that I am going to do another post to tell you about it...... but if you can't wait lots of them have put up posts so you could go and visit.....  I am still rubbing my cheeks - they got sore from all the chatting and laughing.....

and look what happened on the way home.... of course.....

Righto... Gotto Go... other Treasures to look at and read.....

I think we are expecting to get to 12 degrees today.... mmm.... sunny queensland


  1. what a gorgeous post Fiona,you fitted alot in on your weekend,lovely pics.xx

  2. I have to agree with Shez, a lovely post and a lovely weekend had by all. hugs

  3. Lovely weekend for you & Hubz. Great post. Hugs,

  4. It was so nice to go along with you to Brisbane and see all the lovely sights. But best of all to to be albe to put faces to some of the blog ladies I follow.
    How lucky you all are to met in person....

  5. Love your 'other' doings on the weekend. Great photos. It was so lovely to see you again Fiona.

  6. Great post - you sure had a busy weekend - so glad you made it down the range - and yes the weather has been great since!!

  7. Lovely to see what else you and Hubz got up to on your weekend away. I can identify with the sore cheeks. A wonderful day - hope we get to meet up again before too long.
    Hugs xx

  8. Oh it was such a wonderful day. I didn't realise how many other things you managed to achieve this weekend. You must have been exhausted by the time you got back home. Great photo of all of us at the table... except you're missing!!! It was so good to finally meet you in person and you are just as lovely as I knew you would be. Thanks so much for coming all the way to spend the day with us.

  9. You did have a treasure of a time this weekend! Would so love to be able to meet up with like minded quilters it looks like a lot of fun! Hugs

  10. It was wonderful to meet you. Shame your other doings couldnt have had a bit of sun as well but maybe next time!

  11. Perfect day...lucky you...great photos

  12. what a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more tales from your Sunday blog meet.
    How fantastic!!

  13. Looks as though you had a great time! We didn't get to 12 today, barely made it to 10 and it felt much less.......brrr.....

  14. Great Week-end. I'm so glad you liked the mussels. I make them a lot here ( I'm portuguese , LOL).

  15. wonderful that you got to go to the blog meet.........

  16. The beautiful memories are an immense treasure at any age ...

  17. Hi Fiona! I'm finally home from my vacation and trying to catch up with my friends! Looks like you had a wonderfully special weekend...I love all the photos of you, especially the one with the "cool Russian guy"! And what a lovely group of women...I'm sure you all had the best time! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    I'll drop you a line soon...still catching up on laundry and stuff!



  18. Sounds like the perfect weekend even if the weather was a tad off , so nice to meet up with your blogging friends :-) hugs Sheila

  19. Wow, no wonder you treasure this weekend, looks like my kind of day.


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