Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cuteness for FNSI .....

These are a couple of cuties that I had traced out last year...

Little stuffies designed by Melly and Me

I did the last stuffing and stitches last night for FNSI

I think they are really cute... they are small (7" tall) so little hands can hold them..... and they are washable so it doesn't matter how much drool gets on them....

Some gifts in the box and another UFO out the cupboard ....


there was a little bit of secret stuff going on to:

My maternal grandmother was Irish and called Patricia
and her birthday was today
one of the sweetest people I ever knew

Righto, Gotta Go

St Patricks day to enjoy


  1. oh Fiona well done on a UFO finish,they are just so cute,love them,great gifts.I think you look like your grandma,enjoy your weekend Fiona.xx

  2. Very cute stuffies! The other looks sort of like a Friends with Benefits swap item....

  3. Someone else is teasing....
    B-A-D girl Fiona. But don't ya just LoVe it!
    Nice FNSI projects in those little stuffies! Well done! :)

  4. Such cute little stuffies, Happy St Pats Day.

  5. SNAP! I finished off that teddy bear stuffie last night as well :o)
    Lots of sneak peaks in blogland thismorning, can't wait to see the finished results

  6. The stuffies are so cute. Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Hugs,

  7. cute softies!
    love the sneak peaks! I want to see more....

  8. Very very cute, and adorable :)

  9. Your little stuffies are very cute. Don't you just love "secret sewing"!

  10. Cute softies, you had a great Friday night.

  11. Lovely finishes,isn't it nice to get UFO's done and into the gift box :) Barb.

  12. Oh how cute are they, some little one is going to be really happy. We have no Irish in our family, Welsh but no Irish, Happy St Patricks Day to you and yours. Hugs

  13. they look great, and i am sure they will bring someone hours of joy....

    Love your Grandmothers name. it's a great one

    happy st pats

  14. Hope you had a brilliant St Patricks Day Fiona, in honour of your Grandmother. Your softies are lovely, that's my favourite baby gift pattern at the moment. Tracee xx

  15. your stuffies are adorable. The bunny is my favorite. My daughter loved them.

  16. Congrats on an other UFO finish YEAH!!!
    They are very cute. Looking forward to seeing more of the mystery item.
    Hugs Tanya

  17. Yay a UFO ticked off...cute little stuffies for little hands...mmmm what could be going on in secret, looks veeerry interesting...

  18. Fantastic sewing - have a wonderful day.

  19. Oh so cute! congrats on getting the little ones done. FNSI is so wonderful!

  20. Such sweet little stuffies. Lovely photo of your Nan.

  21. Adding my little bit of drool on the softies.
    Happy Monday Fiona.

  22. Those little stuffies are too cute - Love the colours.
    Nice little peeks you are showing - I'd say someone is going to be very happy where they land.
    Enjoy your stitches.


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