Sunday, March 11, 2012

A bit of fun ......

As a child we grew up without television or even electricity... we had a generator to use for a few hours each evening.  I don't ever remember feeling we missed out on any fun - in fact I think we had a lot of fun because we used to play a lot of different games as a family....

I learnt my additions through playing 'pontoon' or '21' and we bet with matchsticks 

I learnt about money playing Monopoly

I learnt to spell by playing Scrabble....

We played Roullette with a mini turn table, and Cluedo, and Snap, and lots of different card games, ... etc etc

What games do you remember playing??


When I saw there is a BINGO game happening in blogland I couldn't resist some playtime....

Tonya from Hillbilly Handiworks is hosting this.....

and this weekend I made up my BINGO card.....

Sharon at Vroomans Quilts has a tutorial HERE. (sorry Sharon - I got my colours backwards - but I think that doesn't matter too much????)  

The rules will be coming later - I need to learn what to do.... we played BINGO with numbers -I think the process will be much the same??

I forget things so I thought I would get it done whilst it is fresh in the brain cells but it only needs to be made by mid-April - so there is still a month to make one

I thought after we had played it would be fun to use as a table mat for when little Grandies come to stay and need some encouragement with their food.... so I lengthened it a bit on the side

There are prizes to win... you can see these HERE.  

Wanna play too???

Since I was in a game party mood I made some cupcakes.... the icing was supposed to be a gentle rose pink (not fleuro pink) but I found some old roses to match so I can pretend I got the colour right... the icing was runnier than I wanted.... anyway Hubz is enjoying them so it's good enough for me....

250g butter, softened
250g castor sugar
250g self raising flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 large eggs
5 Tablespoons milk

Preheat the oven at 180C (350F). Put out muffin cases onto your baking/muffin trays - depends on size of the case but makes 24 regular size cakes

Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy.  Add eggs one at a time and beat well after each has been added.

Add the flour and fold into the mixture with the milk and using a large metal spoon till all moistened but don't beat it.

Spoon into muffin cases and bake for 15 - 20 minutes... well risen, firm to the touch.

Cool on a wire rack and add whatever icing you like - or just dust with icing sugar once the cakes are cool.

Gobble up....

I used my home made vanilla - which has a lovely rich smell and taste now - I gave it a good shake so you can see the little seeds floating around....

vanilla beans and vodka... leave to brew for a few months... and then just top up with vanilla bean or vodka as you go along....

Righto - Gotta Go.... time for a cuppa and cuppacake.... or maybe I'll just have a swig of vanilla?


  1. Yum, sitting here with my coffee I could do with a cake :o)

  2. I sent you an e-mail (c.c. Tonya). I just love the idea of a rug/mat for the grands.

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I am making my bingo "card" also...should be very fun. As a kid, I and my 5 siblings played card games like War, Slap Jack, Old Maid and board games such as Sorry, Clue and Monopoly. We didn't have a television either so learned to play musical instruments. We were outside a lot and loved to make "villages" by hoeing roads, lining them with pea gravel or china berries and using rocks for houses and cars. It was a rich, active childhood, and fun to remember!

  4. Spirograph was a popular indoor activity when I was growing up! I'm most impressed by your home made vanilla! Yum! Have you seen the price of vanilla beans in the supermarket?

  5. I remember those days - we didn't have electricity either and survived! We had some great game nights - I can remember lots of marathon efforts on 500 through the holidays with cousins and friends staying with us. Monopoly and we had another one called Squatter - sort of an Australian monopoly about the running of sheep stations. We still have lots of games with the kids on holidays - my favourites now would be Rummy-O, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. Much more memorable than TV!! Love the cakes - when my big clean out of the kitchen is complete, I must make some. Cheers

  6. Oh that took me back, playing cards when I was little, my grandma always use to cheat!! I have seen Bingo cards appearing all over blog land..looks like fun. Yummy send a cupcake over to have with my coffee!! Hugs

  7. Vanilla in vodka - va va voom, no wonder your baking is so good. That bingo looks fun, will have to check out the links. All those games you mentioned brought back memories. My favourite game I remember was a word game. Mum would write down the largest word she could find in the paper & then we would see who could find the most little words from those letters. How ironic, now they have the 9 letter word puzzle in the paper each day & we do it as a group every lunch time at work. Good on mum for giving me some pretraining. My icing always turns out darker too. Tracee xx

  8. I must confess I was a square eyes and loved the tv but we also played games and played outside. I used to love the industrial size sand pit (dad used the sand for work) we used to play in and bury each other in it till dark.
    Good luck with your bingo. Love all the different fabrics.

  9. Do I have time to play ...I think so!
    Thanks for inspiring me.

  10. Love the Bingo card. Your grandies will love it when it is their turn to use it. Thank you for sharing your cup cake recipe. I've taken a copy of it to make cup cakes with next weekend. The pink looks great. You could always put a slurp of your vanilla over some icecream. ;)

  11. Scrabble with my Grandma (maternal) right up until she was in her 90's and cards with my paternal Grandma and Dad, monopoloy and UNO with my siblings. DS1 has just been introduced to UNO at school and now we play after school and even at the dinner table! Funnily enough he was calling out bingo instead of Uno when we first started playing!

  12. lol,that swig of vanilla sounds good Fiona.Well done with your bingo card.xx

  13. A swig of vanilla sounds like a good plan! I remember playing board games like Monopoly and Ludo, but not card games.

  14. Darn I just feel like a cake now!

  15. Color order does not matter at all. Not a bit! I didn't even worry about color on my card. There is no need.

    Rules come out in 17 hours. (just after midnight here.)

  16. I have my fabrics cut but no bingo card made just yet , sounds like fun doesn't it. I also played alot of the same games you did and we did not have a tv either until I got older ,never missed it was much more interested in being out in the barn with the horse :-) I like your idea of extending the card , must do that for my grandies as well but I will need to make two at least ;-)
    hugs Sheila

  17. The bingo game looks really fun! Good luck and I hope you share when the game is played!

  18. Not sure I sat still long enough to play games. I spent a lot of time climbing trees LOL.
    Your vanilla bean looks interesting.

  19. Like Leanne i was pretty active as a child, up at dawn on my bike and off i went back when the sun went mum (and dad) worked full time so whenever mum was at homeshe was always trying to catch up on the housework....something i know understand. i had one sister who was four years older than me and who never really wanted to play games a lot with me.....but we had mastermind, monopoly,scrabble act.....we never had cards when we were young, my dad hated card games ( i think my Nanna was a bit of a gambler) anyway i learn't really young to entertain myself, i played with my mum's old singer sewing machine....
    but the game i played the most was Patience....
    i can still hear my pop playing patience (he taught me)

    he used to play every evening whilst my grandmother did the dishes (she would nt let him help) i think pop had emphysema he breathed so hard i could hear the breathe and the click of the cards.....

    sorry it was such a long tale....

  20. I still play Monopoly and Scrabble. It's a pity that families don't share quality time together like they used to. It's was so much fun. Love your Bingo card, you found the cutest animals.

  21. My family were a game playing lot too - as there I have 5 siblings there was always someone to share a game of whatever we felt like at the time. Jigsaw puzzles were also a summer holiday pastime for when the sun was just too hot.
    Lucky you finished your sewing before you started swigging that vinegar.
    Enjoy playing

  22. And it is all fun when visiting at your place, the catchup, the cake, coffee and vanilla chaser make it a great read.

  23. Our favorite game at the moment is Rummikub. We play it every time we go camping...I love playing it as I win most of the time :)
    Hugs Tanya

  24. I remember and love all the afore mentioned games...I don't have much of a head for cards though. Always lose my shirt(not literally)I love your cupcakes (surprise) and I bet they tasted great with a nice coffee.

  25. We played tons of games, and still do sometimes. I remember Monopoly games that would go on for days. Rumoli was always one of my favourites. Cribbage, War, Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. And Solitaire... I used to know about 50 different Solitaire games. My nephew is really into board games and has all kinds of modern ones. Some of them are really fun. Cribbage is still the game most played in this house, with Scrabble coming second. I'm going to play Bingo, but haven't made my card yet.

  26. Sounds interesting! I love cupcakes, thanks for sharing the recipe. I remember Chinese Checkers from my child hood and we played lots of card games too.

  27. Came to check out your bingo card. Cant wait to see how this game plays out.

  28. Glad to have you join in with the fun.

  29. Love the way you made your Bingo Card into a table mat! Fantastic Idea! Your Grandchildren will love it! Love your cupcakes and recipe too! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for linking up to Join the May for Me Bingo! Enjoy your day!

  30. Aren't you the smart one?! Love this!

  31. Great idea Fiona. Now it will be usful after our game.
    Love the Sheep.......

  32. Great bingo card...very fun! Can't wait to start!

  33. So cute! I love your owl and sheep.

  34. Just got your card all logged and done...course you are number one of currently 50--better keep cracking that whip to myself!


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