Sunday, January 10, 2016


Our first FNWF of the year... thanks Dory for having us over!

I have revived a UFO from 2013 ..... I did a lovely set of teacup stitcheries but wanted to add some teapots before I put it all together....

It was also the first of our fortnightly sewing with the girls at The Quilters Angel so I went along and worked on the roses teapot..... just the handle to go now...

I must try and pop over HERE and see what everyone else got up to....  everyone is welcome.... see you next time??

There was a nice surprise dropped off by Mr Postie this week from Susan - two design boards (different sizes)

they are made with quilt wadding and binding around the edge and fabric sticks beautifully on them....

... and they fit perfectly inside my new sewing folder I got from Lyn at Christmas which I am using for my Sampler Blocks at the moment....

Thanks Susan, they are just perfect and such a lovely surprise!!

I have started trying to go through UFO's to list what there is.... thus the revisiting of the teacups/pots above....  Wendy and Dawn are getting Sew It's Finished up and running again this year and so I hope this will keep me motivated to finish some of them....  

Sew Its Finished

... wanna come join us and work on those projects hanging around????? ....

I'm also joining up with Narelle's 'One Christmas Item a Month' ....

One Xmas Item a Month

 I'll be working on a big project so want to get a block done each month at least ... I have the fabric

Righto, Gotto Go... did you notice these fabrics on the board above?  I'm playing with them today and I'm determined they are not going to be a UFO.....

there will be a prize if you can guess what I'm making?

Oh and by the way.... my car is considered a right off!

It doesn't look so bad but the wheel is squashed in and between the panel beating and the wheel shaft it is cheaper to right it off!!!

... so we spent yesterday hunting and test driving..... I fancy this one.... but Hubz is not so keen...

Have a Happy Day whatever you are doing....xx


  1. Looks like a fun new project. I got my machine back so now i have to finish cleaning and get to work on my UFO's.
    Nothing worse than having a car totaled, hope you find one you like.


  2. lovely ufo that you are working on, hope it gets a speedy finish.
    bummer about the car, even large items are disposable.
    will there be a bigger peak at your new reds project?
    Now that fabric wouldn't be becoming a mug rug would it?
    not sure about your car choice lol I can see hubz point of view-bet he would never drive it! lol

  3. Such a pretty teapot. The little design pads are great. Good luck with your car search....and STAY AWAY from the naughty ones lol!

  4. Those design boards look great. I had a chuckle seeing the VW with the underwear on-- I agree with your DH! Hope you get your car soon.

  5. Cute teapot! I don't want to go anywhere near listing my UFOs!! Better to be blissfully blind. Hilarious car.

  6. I cannot understand why hubz is not keen on the Beetle
    Tea pot looking good x

  7. Love the teapot!! Loike the idea of tea cups and teapots together. Very nice design boards...quietly working on my UFO's here, but keep being distracted by other more interesting things!!! I think you should get the V dub!! Such fun!!

  8. Love the tea pot , such fun stitching at the Quilters Angel and your online friends...
    Look forward to seeing your Christmas blocks each month.
    Also have joined Dawn and Wendy and must to a list but that's scary!
    Great useful gifts from Lyn and Susan...
    Hmm are the fabrics on y,our design wall a fence and rail quilt?
    Good luck car hunting....

  9. Hi Fiona,I love your stitchery,well done and how gorgeous of Susan to do that for you,what a lovely friend,I think Dave should reconsider with the car,I love it,lol ,oh and I think you are making a zippered bag with this fabric,lol xx

  10. Great to catch up on your posts - you have been very busy lately! Your teapot looks really great and I love also how your 9-patch is looking. Awesome blocks for your sampler quilt - some of those are quite an achievement and I'm not surprised you are thinking you won't do some of them again!! Wonderful to see your grandson sewing, hope his quilting is going well :-)

  11. Love the stitchery. Very pretty. Love the vw. Hugs, xx

  12. Your sticheries are gorgeous, love the teapots. The design boards look great.

  13. Pretty little teapot, beautiful stitching. The boards look like they'll be used a lot, great gift.

  14. Love your teapot, looking forward to seeing the completed project. I've been meaning to make myself some little design boards for years, keep forgetting

  15. Lovely to get back to a UFO. We do have good intentions at the start of the year. Enjoy your gorgeous stitchery.
    What a nuisance with your car but now at least you know what has to be done. Good luck with the car search.

  16. Pretty teapot Fiona and the design boards look very useful. Coul there be a mug rug in progress there? Good luck with your Christmas BOM. Shame about the car - it does look very sad. xx

  17. Sorry about the car, what a bummer. Good luck finding a new one. Love your slippers, very cute, will be much admired at your next quilt retreat I am sure.

  18. Das ist eine sehr schöne Teekanne !
    Ich hoffe die Autoreparatur ist nicht so aufwendig.
    Liebe Grüße


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