Thursday, November 10, 2016

Retreat Weekend.....

I am very lucky to be part of a group of stitchers who meet regularly at The Quilters Angel and where Marion organises local and affordable 3 day retreats a few times a year.  I can go all day and sew without disturbance, eat tasty food, enjoy amusing company and all at a lovely peaceful venue.

First thing on Friday morning I was off with my box of tricks and started sewing Wild Things .....  my block backings came from Marion's lovely shop and the shapes from my scrap bin and I had worked hard to have them prepared and ready to start stitching..

Late afternoon saw us gather under the shade of a tree outside for some catch up time, chatter and snacks... and bubbles.....

I didn't take pictures!!! sigh.  I really was head down and bum up working through Wild Things and Superheroes....  with the help of bubbles.....

However Kris did take some pics and she shows a couple of lovely quilt tops and dollies that were finished at the retreat.....

Packing up late Sunday afternoon and I still had blanket stitch to do so I did more when I got together on Tuesday with Lyn and Christine.

The blanket stitching is all done now and I am doing some edges of the applique with glow in the dark thread to highlight aspects...  The white parts are blanket stitched with glow thread but I am also doing across the mouth (you can see the white line against the red, and around the horns using triple stitch.

This one is finished and it looks amazingly fun when the lights go out but it wouldn't come out in a picture (you will just have to trust me!!)  I have now run out of the thread and placed an order which should arrive soon....

Wild Things is a quilt pattern from Toni's book Happy Quilts.....  a couple of the girls at the retreat are planning to order the book - we notice it is at a great price at Book Depository at the moment.

This week I have put together this journal cover for a gift - there is an alphabet letter on the front so I won't show you until after Christmas since it is a secret swap pressie ...

I enjoy exchanging hand made postcards and when Sheila suggested doing one with a Christmas theme I decided to do a little quilted one.  I have to say the metallic threads I used were a challenge and I won't be using them again for quilting (they have no name on them so that could be a good clue as to their quality!! haha)

This little card is going off to Portugal.....

.... of course I am still hand stitching at night and working diligently on Christmas ornaments (Dutch Treat has had to go and sit in the sidelines for a while!!)

This roo is from Michelle's Christmas ornie set....

planning some Christmas projects is terribly messy..... I just seem to be doing messy a lot these days!

... and of course, I am quilting.  This is Toni's upcoming Lions pattern.  It is just delightful.  Do you remember the song "In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight?  
now you have that song stuck in your mind?  
You're welcome

When I do applique quilts I go around the 'ditch' using a monofilament thread.  It is 'invisible' (which makes threading a challenge for me!!) and therefore can go over any different colour without showing up.  It secures the blocks which means I can take out a lot of the pins before any additional quilting.  Slow speed and just a couple of threads away from the blanket stitch is what I aim for.

The quilt is done now and will be in the post in the morning.  Keep an eye out on Toni's blog for it....

Righto, Gotto Go... I want to do a little bit with some of those Christmas scraps.....


  1. sounds like a perfect retreat...........the monsters look great.......great idea with the thread......

  2. Thanks for the song...NOT!!! Your retreat sounded wonderful and busy for you!! The monster quilt will be amazing, the invisible thread sounds like a great idea. I am off to puit on some music now to clear my head!!!!

  3. Hi my lovely friend,boy you have been so busy,gee i didnt know you could get glow in the dark thread,amazing,i love all your work Fiona and love Michelles's xmas ornaments,love the thread you did it in,so glad you had a great time at retreat Fiona xx

  4. Yes so now I'm singing that song! Didn't know about the glow in the dark thread! Great idea about the monofilament.....might have to try that next time I'm ready to quilt!

  5. Such a fun quilt! Bubbles are the go, a glass of fizz and it makes you very relaxed......just the thing for machine quilting. I don't mind that song, it's in our ukulele group repertoire.

  6. Pleased you got lots done with the help of bubbles...oh I do love that Monster, makes me want to start mine....
    Lovely Christmas postcard and that kangaroo is sew cute... I've done one for a secret swap....

  7. Sounds like a fun retreat. Love the postcard. Hugs,xx

  8. Oh, that lion is so fun! And we in the USA could sure use some bubbles right now. Some to celebrate, some to drown our sorrows...

  9. WoW... busy busy lady...on lots of wonderful projects.
    And YES that song is on my lips now...xox

  10. You have been busy this week, lots of wonderful projects going on. Did you machine quilt the lion or is that a hand stitch on the appliqué?


  11. Oh that song has just taken me straight back to my youth! You've been busy, that quilt is going to be amazing with the glow in the dark thread, hope you don't have to wait to long for new supplies

  12. Lots going on Fiona - gorgeous postcard for the swap. xx

  13. You've certainly been busy! I need to get to work on my postcard.

  14. Woohoo, full steam ahead, Fiona!! How cool you had a great retreat, it sounds like a good mixing of sewing and wine :-) How fun using the Glow in the Dark threads - what a treat :-) And the metallics look good on the postcard. There's lots of Christmas busy-ness in my room too - messy is the name of the game for me!

  15. wow, you are amazing! So, first of all, where do you get glow thread? Love the little 'roo, I know what you mean with quilting with metallic thread - I did a Christmas quilt with it and never again, lol! xx

  16. Always something interesting happening at your table Fiona... glad to see that you got some fun bubbles-assisted stitching done at Retreat... And great work on the lions quilt, can't wait to see the full design

  17. Sew much eye candy! Love that Wild Things block! XO

  18. You have been really busy. The retreat sounds good for getting a lot done. Gorgeous thread in the kangaroo embroidery. I was planning to do those for Christmas, too. Wonder if that will happen.
    Good luck with all your secret sewing as well.

  19. Aren´t retreats fun? Lovely things were created, I especially like the little monster and I bet it looks good in the dark.


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