Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sewing is a Happy Place....

.... especially making a Happy Quilt from Toni's book "Happy Quilts".....

I am doing a quilt for a superhero called Jack - one of my grandchildren who needs a new quilt ....

I was lucky to have fabrics to work with in my stash and only needed to buy the grey backgrounds for the blocks.....

Toni's book comes with a CD so one just needs to print out the pattern for the particular quilt.  I like that it's then printed on one side only which helps with lines when tracing (I always get mixed up with lines on the back of the page!)

The other thing I like about Toni's instructions is that the pieces are colour coded and numbered so it's easy to see which order to place them down on (another part I always manage to make mistakes)

Bits of fabric everywhere when I'm choosing ....

Even Hubz said that he had never seen my sewing room in such a mess....

(and you can't see the floor here!)

This is how far I had got in one day!

.. the next day I got all the blocks stuck down.  There are some parts I will iron glue down when I have sewn what's underneath...

The coloured strips are for the sashings around the blocks - there will be white cornerstones.

All put away in a box now awaiting a retreat next month where I will be machine blanket stitching madly....

I am also hoping to get a Wild Things quilt from the same book prepared for his brother...

On the quilting front I have lately been working with some threads with a bit of a sparkle.... it's hard to photograph sparkle but this Christmas star has a fair bit of it....  I used a ruler to get the lines straight....

... and of course Dutch Treat blocks still take up my evenings....  

Some of the colours I am working with are a bit dull but they will be fine when they are all together with the other blocks....

Righto, Gotto Go..... today the weather looks just lovely here.....  I hope you have a great rest of the week ....


  1. Good morning my lovely friend ,oh i love Jacks quilt ,Toni is a clever designer,its going to look fantastic .
    Love the FMQ on your star it looks amazing and your dutch treat blocks are looking fantastic,well done my friend ,hope your day is a good one Fiona xx

  2. Love the quilt, looks wonderful. You are doing a amazing job with the Dutch Treat blocks. Hugs xx

  3. I don't recall seeing a more fun quilt than superheroes. Fantastic fabric you picked and everything is so well organized all the way down to the sashing. Good for you. Love the DT blocks. I'll be kind of sad when you are done making those. Enjoy the nice weather. ;^)

  4. That is such a cute quilt, he is going to love it. I like the idea of using specialty threads for christmas quilts, I need to start making one for my table to match the new chair pads.


  5. Retreats are all about being prepared before hand - hope you get heaps done - it will be such a fun quilt. Your DTreat blocks looks great too.

  6. Hello Fiona,

    Jacks quilt has so many different characters coming to life. Using different threads will certainly make your quilt sparkle. The Dutch Treat blocks are certainly progressing. Have fun at your retreat next month. We are having a lovely weather day too.

    Happy days.

  7. oh, he'll love that quilt, it's brilliant. All that 'mess' is just a sign of great creativity in progress

  8. It's a lovely day here too!

    Love the superheroes quilt, isn't it fun?

  9. Wow, you got a lot of superheros done! It is looking great! xx

  10. Your Super Heroes are looking amazing.. I love Toni's book /patterns. They do go together quickly... I also what to make Wild Things but have too many other projects for now.
    Love those DT blocks....

  11. What an amazing quilt pattern, such fun to have superheros! Cannot wait to see what Wild Things looks like. And you have been doing more hand stitching and you ever stop! It all looks fantastic.

  12. Jack will love this super hero quilt , it is so cute and looks like a fantastic pattern, love how it is colour coded . Lovely quilting too ,you are a busy lady 😊

  13. Love the quilt pattern, you got heaps done, so good tobe all prepared for the retreat. Yiur Dutch Treat blocks look wonderful too.

  14. How fun is that superhero quilt? Jack is going to love it!!

    Is it harder to quilt with the metallic, sparkly thread? I've heard it breaks pretty easily. But it looks so nice, I'd like to try it...

  15. Love the work on the super-hero quilt. Yes, you do have to get lots of fabric out for these ones. Lovely to see the block collection growing, too.

  16. Your super hero quilt is going to be amazing Fiona. Your grandson will love it

  17. you did so much work on that quilt! It's going to be fab.

  18. Hey Fiona! My dining table looks just like your sewing bench, cos I've been auditioning fabrics too. :0) You have to pull them all out so you can work with ALL the colours in the box of crayons. Tee! Hee! Hee! Can't wait to see your cute quilts all stitched. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  19. What a fabulous quilt! Nah, not a messy room more a space of lots happening!

  20. Busy, busy, Fiona...your superhero quilt is going to be a goodie...I can get in a real mess like that too but aren't so good at tidying it all away afterwards :-) Like the look of the Christmas sparkle - does the thread go through the Sw16 OK?

  21. What an amazing superhero quilt! It's going to be so gorgeous!
    Love the brights with the greys and black background blocks. What a lucky boy jack is!
    Some tricky sewing on your Dutch blocks, so beautiful


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