Thursday, August 18, 2016


do you struggle with blog titles?  I do.... so Hello it is today!

I was recently in a postcard swap hosted by Sheila, and I sent this one off to Sunny.  there is some embroidery and quilted vines all over it on a pale pink linen.....

This is a little extra picture that came with my teacup teddies from Michelle.  I'm not sure what I will do with her.....

... but I have sewn all the main ones into their hexagons....

they are really sweet pictures....

... each one a different character

... and I love the detail that Michelle adds....

..... they are always so fun to sew up....

... and I do love pretty teacups....

.... so these pictures are all very special....

I haven't sewn them together into a table topper - I'm actually not sure I won't keep them as individual coasters since I don't really have a suitable table for them ...

but I have sewn up an extra hexagon for the centre just in case.....

Righto, I am working on my Splendid Sampler blocks this week - I have quite a few to catch up on....


  1. oh, they're pretty, love the fabric you've used too, perfect compliment

  2. Your teddies have come up so well, especially with the fabric you have chosen for binding. The colours go so well with those in the embroideries. Lovely work.
    And a very nice postcard, too.

  3. Such pretty teddies and teacups! They make such a gorgeous topper.
    Great postcard too!
    Too clever

  4. Well, aren't they cute! That's a sweet postcard of these days I will join in the swap.

  5. They are super cute. I'm sure you will work out how to use them. Maybe even a hexy mini quilt?

  6. It is a cute little table topper - maybe you just need to buy an extra table?

  7. Too cute to set a tea cup on top of these gorgeous embroideries. It sure makes a wonderful table topper though. Wonderful job, Fiona and on the postcard too. Lovely. ;^)

  8. Hi Fiona i love the little bears ,the colours you have used are fantastic and i love your postcard,its fun seeing what everyone makes.xx

  9. What a beautiful postcard! Thank you so much. Nice job on the hexagons stitcheries. Isn't it fun to have so many options?

  10. Nice to see your teddy/teacup blocks Fiona - I love the fabric you have used with them. Gorgeous postcard!!

  11. Love the teacup teddies. The fabric you used is gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  12. Those hexies are just beautiful. Your postcard is also so pretty.

  13. Yes I do have trouble with Blog Titles and also what to name a quilt.....
    Sunny's Postcard is great and I adore Michelle's sweet Bears in Teacups...
    Love the fabric you used Fiona and I think they look fab as a table topper...

  14. Gorgeous lot of teddies you have there. I have trouble also and when I do a post I usually change the title at least a couple of times.

  15. Lovely work Fiona - I like them as the table topper! Great postcard too. xx

  16. I have the same problem with blog titles! Your postcard is fantastic! Love the teacup teddies, they look wonderful. Mine are awaiting their faces!!

  17. lovely stitches........they all look great together........


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