Friday, July 15, 2016

It's been fun times!!!

I had one of our regular sewing retreats last weekend ago run by Marion at The Quilters Angel - it is nearby so I go during the day and come home at night but I still get lots of sewing done with being out the house and not thinking about the other things that need to be done at home....

This time I took smaller items from my 'good intentions' box - things started but not completed

I did this elves stitchery about a year ago (or more) so added on the borders etc and now it is ready to hang in someone's home for Christmas this year .....
(Making Spirits Bright by The Birdhouse)

... then I did the piecing for these table runners ... they are actually quite big .... 

... and feature these rather gorgeous reindeers 
(Ronald Reindeer by Libby Richardson)

.... in the evenings I continue with my Dutch Treat blocks....

... as you can see some of them have a bit of stitchery too....

It has also been a lovely social week with Tuesday girls stitching (where I finished the above Dutch Treat block).... then a visitor from NSW  who you might know ....  here is a hint.... and we snuck in a lunch with Kris....

... and on Thursday Michelle came up to 'swap quilts' and she remembered about the photo opportunity so here we are.....

Sewing and blogging has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people and have such a lot of fun - I am forever grateful to this lovely community.....

Righto, I need to put another log on the fire .....


  1. That is a fun stitchery, love whimsey for Christmas.
    Wonderful pieces and wonderful photo, you have been busy.


  2. You have been busy sewing and socialising. Those Dutch Treat blocks are looking very, very pretty.

  3. Beautiful finishes nice to sit and stitch with friends and then go home to your own bed ...
    Your DT blocks great , getting a few done now..
    What a wonderful catch up with Chooky and Michelle...

  4. Looks like Christmas in July?
    Love your little vase block, so much work in these little blocks.
    What a lovely get together!
    Keep warm

  5.'ve been a busy girl then!!! I love the reindeer, very
    cute indeed. Nothing like getting a head start on the Christmas
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Lots of fun projects! I love how much I accomplish on Retreat. I love your reindeer the most. Well, except for a visit with Michelle. That would be my favorite part!

  7. Definitely fun times..Those dutch treat blocks amaze me - wonder woman!

  8. You've been busy, girl, how lovely to get away during the day and actually get so much done! So glad you got to spend time with bloggy friends.

  9. a busy week, and it's so good to meet up and stitch with other people

  10. You have been busy Fiona. How lovely to have a visit from Chooky and Michelle.

  11. Love the "Good Intentions " box! Beautiful projects....those runners are so cute! Dutch Treat is beyond amazing! So lovely sharing time with you and Chooky xx

  12. Oh dear now I am singing "Put another log on the fire" in my head!!!! You got some great work done at the retreat! Great to have a visit from lovely blogging friends! Your Dutch treat blocks are beautiful!

  13. Some beautiful finishes how lovely to spend time with friends sewing you certainly got a lot done. Made me smile about putting a log on the fire, we are having a couple of cooler days but its been 35 in the shade, phew! Have a great weekend. Xcx

  14. Always good to get a few finishes. Wonderful blogging lovely to meet in person too.

  15. Hi Fiona ,wow lots of beautiful work there my friend your wall hanging and table runners are gorgeous ,well done.
    How awesome to spend time with your blogging friends,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  16. Love your xmas table runners and gorgeous wallhanging Fiona. Aren't we lucky to have made such lovely friends through blogging

  17. I love your Christmas stitchery Fiona, such a fun design... And wow you're making great progress on the Dutch treat blocks - are they fiddly? Great to see you with Michelle & yes I figured out who the NSW visitor was!

  18. A "good intentions" box is a great idea! Yes, I worked out the N.S.W. blogger too. Love the Dutch Treat blocks, your colour scheme is really interesting.

  19. What fun you have had! Enjoy the hand stitching it is coming along nicely.

  20. Love your projects. I've been trying to resist buying that pattern but after seeing your runners i may have to give in. :). Hugs,xx

  21. those dutch block look very detailed.......don't know how you do it............
    thanks so much for having and and the catch ups with the other girls was just lovely..........

  22. Great to catch up with friends. I love the little wallhanging and your table runners are going to be gorgeous. xx

  23. Lots of everything. Lovely finish with the elves and the table runners look rather special.
    You are very determined with those tricky blocks. Beautiful work.
    And what fun to catch up with special friends!!!

  24. Seems as though all you ladies find the opportunity to visit often! Such fun! Nice pic of you and Michelle!

  25. Hey there...lots of pretties....I'm happy to know the Chook got away from the farm for a while and Tag along was there lucky to be able to meet with friends....
    Mama Bear


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