Saturday, September 5, 2015

Double Date.....

Friday night was 


and Cheryll had us over at her place..... thanks very much it was such great fun

Friday Night was also

Stitching night at the Quilters Angel....

I have some little stitcheries designed by Kris that I am doing... and you can see we get our tea in the most beautiful mugs....

I couldn't resist some of these very pretty pearls... candy coated chocolate... so pretty I wanted to thread them into a necklace....

.... earlier this week I went stitching the sampler blocks with friends Christine and Lyn....

Trip Around the World (25 pieces)

The Friendship Quilt (17 Pieces)

Milky Way (25 pieces)

Arizona (41 pieces)

Arizona is a record breaker... we haven't had one with so many pieces...

For those number nerds this adds another 108 pieces and we have 756 patchwork pieces in all our 42 blocks so far - there are 98 more blocks to do...

Next week we are tackling several foundation paper piecing ones.... hmmmm

Now I have a confession ... of lust.... I seldom feel jealousy or lust but I do for this ...

... meet Christine's Singer featherweight she has recently aquired....

... just makes the gentlest of purrs as it goes... I love it....

... meanwhile at home we are seeing the signs of spring....

my wisteria is covered with buds.. next week it will be stunning and I am planning where I am going to have one growing in my new home...

.. and the jasmine scents my bedroom perfectly in the late afternoons.... (however I am also wondering if it is not the hayfever culprit???) so I may or may not be planting one in my new home...

Righto, Gotto Go... time for some sleep .....


  1. I do love jasmine...and those little pearl balls look very enticing.

  2. Dear Fiona,
    fun to read what beautiful things you have been up to. Wonderful blocks.
    I understand your feelings about the Featherweight just too good. Me too. Everyone of us should have one.

  3. You've certainly been busy! Where are your block patterns from? I like that you're counting the pieces! And that chocolate looks so yummy . . . .

  4. Love those blocks. My goodness that will be lots and lots of pieces! The flowers are so pretty.....

  5. Looks like a great Friday night... plenty of yummy treats to keep the sugar levels up. Your sampler blocks look great (again) - isn't that Arizona block stunning? How big are the blocks finishing at? Your spring flowers are lovely - is there much of a garden already in your new home? It will be fun discovering what there is.

  6. Wthe blocks look beautiful, and chocolate yummy! Your start to spring photos are lovely of the garden !!

  7. More gorgeous blocks. Now that NJ is nearly out of the way i might look at starting Sylvia. Love wisteria. Interesting stitchery you are doing. A little bit racy. Hugs,xx

  8. I would be cautious about planting jasmine as many people are allergic to it, and it can take over the entire universe in a very short will be interesting to see what pops up in your new garden, we were still discovering plants for a few years after we moved! Such pretty cup, and I love the stitchery and blocks......and those chocolates, how gorgeous are they!!! I have a black Featherweight which purrs along too, it's a dear little thing.

  9. More beautiful reproduction blocks, but 98 to go! Your staying power impresses me. I too long for a day, fingers crossed our paths will collide amongst the dust, with a bargin price tag attached, in the meantime I dream!

  10. You are really powering along with your blocks, they look great. Happy to see the signs of Spring here too.

  11. omg all those little pieces in that block. Are you a mad woman?? lol
    interesting new stitchery project too.....
    At least you will enjoy your wisteria before you have to move, it looks so pretty.

  12. Such a fabulous place to sit and stitch.. Love those blocks...

    Will be fun to plant things in your new garden. Not long now to the move.

  13. Hi Fiona oh my your blocks are amazing my friend and you seem to be getting so many made,well done,oh it would smell lovely around your home ,how nice for the new owners,enjoy your sunday my friend xx

  14. I bet the jasmine smells wonderful!! I hope it is not the hay fever culprit!! Love the blocks, boy that 41 pieces is a bit scary!! That machine is very cute I can understand your lust!! Lol!!

  15. Look at the tiny pieces in those blocks. I'm impressed.
    I do love seeing your gorgeous wisteria.

  16. Lovely stitching with your friends on Friday night. And those little edible pearls are so pretty. Am loving your sampler blocks Fiona. Can't wait to see the foundation pieced ones next

  17. Oh so many numbers, you're doing my head in with all that counting...good luck reaching your goal. Hope your new home has plenty of beautiful spring flowers too.

  18. You have been busy, enjoy the spring. We're getting the autumn feel here, waiting for the colours to kick in

  19. Hello Fiona...making great progress on those sampler blocks! and that Singer Featherweight is fabulous...kinda wish I could unsee it because now I want one too!

  20. The sampler blocks are looking lovely.

  21. Gorgeous sampler blocks and your flowers are beautiful, your place must smell amazing.

  22. I wish it was just turning spring here, instead of autumn. Your blocks are adding up! They are going to make one gorgeous quilt!

  23. Your sampler blocks are looking great as is your wisteria and jasmine ... fun times planning your new garden :)

  24. Hi Fiona, lovely to catch up on all your news... you fmq skills are really coming along, & once you're all set up in your new studio, there'll be no stopping you then!
    I love seeing the 'piece count' creep up as you sew your blocks, I wonder what the final number will be...

  25. That is a lovely mug! Ooh I like your blocks Fiona, but wow 41 pieces in that ONE BLOCK! So intimidating to me, lol. Christine's new Featherweight is just gorgeous - love them so much - they really do purr.


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