Friday, August 7, 2015

Gotta love Fridays....

This week has sped by... but it's been full of fun...

I've had this quilt pinned for a while waiting for attention....

Monday I started ... I am experimenting a bit with 'going out the lines' of the block shapes but still in a designed way..... I'm also experimenting with metallic thread....

big pomegranate shape leaves in the coloured and plain squares.....
(I'm not sure about dark thread on my light squares - even if it is bling - but I'm not unpicking them!)

... up and down lines in the green joining spaces and little buds in the small cream triangles...

then on Tuesday some hand stitching with friends... this is a block from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Posies Around the Square (21 pieces)

 We had been given homework (thanks Lyn) Foundation Paper pieced block 

Amethyst (16 piecs)

I have to admit that I think foundation paper piecing is my least favourite .. and I think it has something to do with the amount of wasted fabric that happens 

The three of us sampler makers made it in print this week (Queensland Country Life newspaper)
this is when we went to the Jumpers and Jazz festival..... 

...we are famous you see....

Wednesday saw me back working on my quilt.... the wavy lines in the blue border

big loops in the pink border and the same pomegranate shape in the floral border

here is my 'design' perspex which helps me keep on track with what I am doing

this week we have had the heaviest frosts and coldest morning this winter....

.. which also brings stunning sunsets ....

On Thursday Hubz had work in the Gold Coast area so I hitchhiked with him and got dropped off HERE .... at Michelles place and we had a stitching day... she was cutting and sewing hexagons...

,, and I got some needleturn tips from her for my next sampler block

I also got so see some of her lovely projects and quilts... but didn't take pics... we were so busy talking sewing

Today... well I'm off to the Quilters Angel to sew and I'll be back there tonight for stitching and joining in with .....

hosted by Cheryl... sign ups are HERE...

Phew..... lovely week .....

Righto, Gotto Go.... I have to fight off the paparazi at the door (famous you see!!)


  1. Love this post!!! Your quilt is stitched so nicely........My paper piecing feelings definitely echo yours (just doesn't 'click' with me). Stitching days are such fun. They don't happen much here as most do the machine piecing thing.....very little by hand (except bindings).

  2. Good morning my friend your work is always amazing I love seeing what you are up to,how lovely that you and Michelle got to spend A day together,I can only imagine the mischief you two got up to,lol.xx

  3. I couldn't wait for summer, now i am thinking fall, way too hot, lol.
    It seems spring and fall go by too fast, it is either too hot or too cold lately, but at least in the cold I have more energy and get more quilting done.


  4. Hubz needs to go to GC or BNE more often!!
    with your wavy lines - do you have some marks there to help keep you on track??
    With the foundation piecing - do you cut your fabric say 3/8" or 1/2" bigger than the end shape??
    Love your "famousness".

  5. Your quilting is looking amazing!!! Wonderful to see the I know a famous person!! Lol!! Hope you could dodge the paparazzi on your way out!! I love how you get good results with foundation piecing ie the corners meet where they should and I get points but you are right you do waste a lot of material getting the pieces covered, plus spare!!

  6. You have really 'made it' when you appear in print! Love the quilting design, so much more interesting than stippling the whole quilt which is what some folk do. I'm with you on foundation piecing, it is an invention of the devil......wasteful of fabric, and fiddly too......but the best way to get really good sharp points. Nice to have a catch-up with Michelle, and good to hear that a small amount of stitching was done!

  7. great quilting, such a lovely quilt. Lucky you to be dropped off at michelles for the day.
    lovely new blocks for your sampler, I love the posies around the block. You have some gorgeous shirtings in your blocks.
    so wonderful to know I have rubbed shoulders with a celebrity. ooh la la.

  8. Your quilt looks fantastic. Love your blocks and your applique is beautiful. Thanks for visiting. ...loved sseing you x

  9. Dear Fiona,
    such great projects on the go, love your quilting. Believe it you had a busy and wonderful week.

  10. That sounds much like the perfect week........lots of lovely sewing happening. Your quilting experiments are working very well.

  11. A full on week Fiona - great to see what you are up to. I enjoy foundation piecing because of the cool results but it took me a while to relax and not worry about the wastages of fabrics - I'm so scroogy the rest of the time I reckon I can break out occasionally!! (And I have a little tool now that helps me be less wasteful - typical huh?!) Love your latest quilt adventures, good idea to draw the map first.Looks lilke the binding won't be too far away. How lovely to spend the day with Michelle and then more time at your local qs haunt. First a designer, now you are published - what next :-)

  12. Can I have your autograph you super mega star you. Your quilting is always wonderful and looks like you and Michelle had a lovely day together such fun.

  13. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting Fiona. How lovely to have a day with Michelle

  14. Fun week! Thanks for sharing your quilting ideas. I'm working hard on quilting right now, and am always watching to see what designs are used, and how and where. Your quilt is lovely.

  15. Gorgeous quilts and lucky you to have such a fun day with Michelle.

  16. You have been busy! Perfect weather for quilting. I have never used metallic thread, but think it looks nice. Your blocks are lovely. Foundation piecing is an acquired taste!

  17. Love your quilting , wow , you are so talented !! Lucky you spending time with Michelle, I know you would enjoy that visit . I am not a PP fan either for the same reason plus I have better things to do than rip off paper lol . Enjoy the weekend . HUgs

  18. You certainly are a sewing superstar. Lucky you getting together with Michelle too.

  19. You've been very busy this week, love everything you've been working on and wish I lived closer so I too could just drop in for a visit :) Barb.

  20. Interesting quilting with the metallic thread - gorgeous of course! and I love your little posies block. xx

  21. your quilt looks amazing.... how do you mark your lines on the quilt? I m doing some ditch stitching at the moment with a plan to go back and do some free motion.

  22. loving the quilting, and seeing the different stages. I'm sure you'll get used to the darker quilting on the light blocks, it all ties in beautifully


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