Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lovely surprises....

I woke up one morning this week and had such a lovely surprise... I was a year younger than I thought I was.... so I get an extra trip around the sun ......

Yup... another year older .... not that I am keen on celebrating that fact but it is lovely to be made a bit of a fuss of?????

So many lovely messages, cards, phone calls, overseas skypes etc.... I was ultra spoilt with attention.... thanks to everyone.....xxxxxx

Even Mr Google noticed I was younger....

... and Mr Postie has been visiting.... 

Thought I would show you this card from Shez.... such a laugh... I had tears!!!

... and a lovely parcel of fabrics and patterns.... the Gail Pan one is a kit ....

... just lovely... thanks Shez...

Marina made me this wonderful scarf.... linen and her beautifully done hexies....

.... I thought it was a runner!!!!! so it is on my antique dresser being cared for by some of my lizards..... Marina said she didn't mind! Thanks Marina .... love it

Helen popped around with some of my favourite things..... thanks my friend

... so did Bev.... thanks ... so pretty

... and Christine invited me over and we had cake ... with lit candle.... thanks... such a fun time

... and my daughter bought me one of these lovely containers I have been lusting after.... she is going to help me fill it for Pims next month.... thanks lovey

It reminded me of a story... when I was little - about 2 - in those days when you could have kids in the country pubs.... my parents couldn't find me.... I was lying under the beer keg catching the drips..... So now I can really say my present problems are my parents fault?????

Righto, Gotto Go.... I'm off to see if I can make this new baby just drip gently for those times I need a little lie down... not too gently mind you!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and received lots of nice pressies!!!! We need to get Shez to buy the store out of those birthday cwrds lol

  2. Look at all those wonderful gifts! Happy Birthday! :0)

  3. Hi Fiona so glad you had a wonderful day and that you were so spoilt,you sure do deserve it,lol,that story about you when you were 2 explains lots of things,lol,enjoy your day my friend xx

  4. Of course we should enjoy the fuss when it's birthday time Fiona!
    I send you a massive big hug & smooch & I hope that keg tap drips to your satisfaction...
    Love those Gordon's cans!

    Birthday Blessings Always xx

  5. Sounds as though you had a wonderful day....that's good to hear! I don't celebrate my birthday any more because the numbers are getting scary big, I celebrate the anniversary of the day on which I was born.

  6. Your birthday should always be special no matter which way the years go. Cheers!!!!

  7. A well deserved celebration. Lovely goodies too. Gee I hope hubby doesn't have to look for you there these days Lol!

  8. Oh what a gorgeous day! How kind of Mr Google to remember you ;) Such a lovely display of being lovingly 'membered :)

  9. Happy birthday dear Bubz gorgeous gifts and I do love your story xx

  10. Happy Birthday, sounds like it has been well celebrated with lots of lovely friends and gifts. Cheers!

  11. Wonderful happy birthday wishes Fiona. Love to be spoilt on your birthday

  12. hee, hee, can just picture hubby coming home and you with your mouth wide open catching drips....and not being able to get up off the floor!

  13. Hello Fiona,

    Happy Birthday, all the best for the wonderful year ahead, enjoy those gifts.

    Happy days.

  14. Oh fiddlesticks I missed your birthday - what a terrible friend!!! I'm so glad you had a good one sweetheart, and look at all the lovelies you got - well deserved I might add!!!

  15. you have been spoiled. Love that card-I was trying to explain to Daniel yesterday the effect of having two children has when you're coughing and sneezing all over the place, lol

  16. looks like you had a great birthday!
    lovely use of your runner, it's the perfect width. I was worried it would be too narrow but it is great.
    I am definitely going to use my one on my dresser too.
    Somehow I think that if you are lying under the tap it won't be on a slow drip lol

  17. Great to hear you had a fabulous birthday! Imagine being a year younger!! Belated Best Birthday Wishes!!


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