Thursday, November 27, 2014

One of those days....

Do you have those days when you want to do something specific but then faff around because there are so many other things to distract you???? I'm having one of those days so I thought I would faff around and do a blog post....

This is the task for today......

 Pinning my polar bear quilt (design by Toni)  which I made up some time ago .... (pattern is called Baby It's Cold Outside and can be found in Toni's shop HERE )

... see my new table top...... we have a board we put on top of our dining table which is especially for me to pin quilts on.... it goes over the edge so I don't do any damage with clips and pins....  well the board was getting messed up with all the stabbing and regular sandpapering and cleaning was annoying me.... Hubz and I glued on some vinyl over the weekend.... (I know... me outside in the heat doing stuff like gluing!!! sigh)

... anyway it looks fantastic and I want to try it out....

before pinning started my stuff for wrapping seemed to just arrive on the table....

and now I have a bunch of parcels under the 'Ausi Christmas Tree".... maybe I could splash out and get a nice big one this year?????

Most of the stuff I've been sewing is secret.... so I found some quilting I did a little while ago to show off....

Kris (from Tag Along Teddies) moved house and wanted a big of colour in her bedroom fairly quickly.... so she bought a couple of big sheets and passed them onto me to play with.... (isnt' that fun I get to play with other peoples toys!!!)

Kris loved Celtic and so I found a celtic love knot on line and made a template for the centre of the quilt....

This I gave an outline border ....

.. and then another border of celtic knots 

... big sheets have big spaces to fill and I filled up with hearts and butterflies on a twirly vine ... also things that Kris loves....

finally around the border I added a huge big ribbon type edge...

two side still had some space to fill so those little borders of feathers were added to finish it off....

 I have tried to capture a feeling of the whole quilt in this picture.... lovely quality sheets so it feels very lovely and soft .....

If you pop along to Kris's house HERE you will see her lovely bedroom space she has this quilt... and it shows a much better colour than I have managed to get....

Righto, Gotto Go... time to stop procrastinating... perhaps some tea first?????


  1. Hi Fiona what a great idea with the table and those pressies look so tempting,wonder where they are going,lol. Oh man i love what you have done with the sheets oh boy you are good,think you have a real talent there for FMQ and i cant believe you taught yourself not all that long ago,thats unreal my friend,hope you have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  2. That polar bear quilt is adorable, such a fun design. I like how you did the quilting stencil. I got a burner and mylar, so I need to try it out so I can make my own.


  3. Love that table idea. Thanks for the laugh over the "Aussie Christmas Tree". :) The quilting on the sheets is fabulous. You've done a wonderful job. Maybe i should send my quilts to you. :) Hugs,xx

  4. Glad to see you're keeping busy and out of trouble because you know who is watching??!! LOL. Love the quilting on the big sheets. Wonderful.

  5. The Aussie Christmas tree is snowbound! If it was truly Aussie it would be dry and your quilting, you are doing so well. How long before we see that you have bought a Big Quilting Machine?

  6. Even if you don't get the planned job done, it's always a procrastinating bonus to get other bits finished.
    Such a beautiful whole cloth quilt, it's so personal and looks perfect in place too.

  7. A very 'cool' Christmas Tree :o)
    Your quilting is amazing and looks right at home over at Kris's.
    Tea first is the best option.

  8. I love that quilt, you make it sound so easy! Great idea with the table, think I need a bigger house

  9. You have been bouncing around all over the place!! But still getting lots done.
    Well done on all the wrapped gifts! I had never thought of an Aussie tree that way. Interesting idea!
    Love all the beautiful quilting you have done. Your quilting is stunning!

  10. Your quilting is just beautiful , love the quilt. Wow all the presents look so inviting, they will put a smile on one lucky persons face :)

  11. Great job with the table. Your quilting is spectacular!!!! Lovin' those parcels x

  12. looking forward to seeing your quilting of the polar bear quilt. It's such a cute pattern.
    great idea to cover your pinning top , looks very spiffy.
    lots of lovely christmas secrets all wrapped up!
    off to see Kris' pics of her quilt.

  13. Kris will love it are so cleaver ....

  14. Great idea for your table.. Nice to have lots of room for pinning.

    Cute Polar Bear Quilt.

    Oh I am sure Kris is going to love that Celtic quilting you have done. Just fabulous

  15. Beautiful quilting as always - but I got a little nervous when I saw the Stanley are one brave girl....

  16. I've had one of those faffing around weeks Fiona.

  17. I learned a new word today faff , I can understand the meaning so will have to use that next time I am just faffing around ;-) Love what you did for Kris , the quilting looks wonderful and I am going to hop on over and see it on her bed .
    hugs Sheila

  18. Procrastinating does happen here but usually only on the boring stuff - not anything that involves needles and threads!
    Love the quilting on the sheets - Lucky you to play with these for Kris.
    I bet she loves this addition to her new space, though I'm guessing it is only decorative in that ridiculous heat.
    Enjoy all your secret stitches and wrapping.

  19. Hi Fiona from the Queen of Faff, lol! Love Toni's pattern, one of these days I'll round up my most colorful scraps and get a start on it. Vinyl on the table sounds like an AWESOmE idea, I have a laminated table that I do my pinning on but it's quite small. Yours looks lovely. And oh that QUILT - girl you are amazing. I went to her blog to look and it is just gorgeous!!!!

  20. Perfect solution for your table. Here on the east coast of the US we call that 'Yankee Ingenuity'. Sweet sneak peak of your Polar Bear block! And that whole cloth quilting that you did! Gorgeous! It looks so fine in it's home.

  21. I love your table idea...and such wonderful quilting.


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