Sunday, March 23, 2014

"History Tourists"

A surprise parcel that was waiting for me when I got back was this birthday gift from Ms A.Nony.Mouse!

Posted in Falcon, Western Australia..... so it's one of you lot over there.... thank you... I love you..... and I love all that money you sent me!!! 

and for you lot over there in the West .. Anthea is keen on coordinating a gathering of you... won't that be such fun... I wish I could pop over there and meet you all..... contact Anthea if you live over there in the West.... it will be such fun....

Hubz and I did lots of touristy things - many based around the interesting history of Tasmania..... here are some snapshots.... (well...looooaaadds of them)

Spirit of Tasmania

Melbourne at Sunset

near Gravelly Beach - Tamar Valley 

Batman Bridge - Tamar Valley

Beaconsfield (made famous when two miners were stuck underground for 2 weeks.. )

Seahorse Farm at Beauty Point

 Grindewald Swiss Village

George Town - reputed to be the oldest town in Tasmania

a replica of the Norfolk in George Town

Lighthouse at Low Head 

wonderful war memorial of tree chain saw carvings at Ledgerwood
(these type of carvings were in a number of places and we were lucky enough to meet the artist)

tin Mine video show at the Tin Centre in Derby

I loved this old building in Derby

off street art at Evandale

Evandale is such a pretty English village style town

Clarendon house

the red bridge and more wooden carvings at Campbell Town

Tasselation Rocks near Bicheno

Dog walk at Eaglehawk Neck - towards Port Arthur
this is a narrow stretch of land and aggresive dogs were tied to warn if there were convicts trying to escape

the memorial at Port Arthur - a massacre in 1996 where 35 people lost their lives 

Port Arthur.... where convicts were kept for some years

Richmond Bridge (the oldest bridge still in use in Australia - built by convicts)

oldest church still in use... also built by convicts - Richmond

old Hobart town - a miniature replica - Richmond

the park - Hobart

of course we did the brewery tour..... Hobart

... and up Mount Wellington - Hobart

the Salmon Ponds - near New Norfolk (these are actually albino trout)

The Wall near Derwent Bridge (no pictures allowed so provided a link HERE) - amazing work of art

Some BayWatch moves -  Turners Beach

I hope I got them all correct!

Righto, Gotto Go.... sorry if this is exhausting and boring... I suppose I want a record for ourselves as well as show off some of the loveliness Australia has to offer...


  1. welcome back home my friend,thankyou for sharing your wonderful pics,love the baywatch chick running along the beach.xx

  2. Welcome home. Tassie touring is never boring. Loved seeing some places that we visited too. You did such a lot. How fantastic! Love the Bay watch moves! Hugs x

  3. I can see why you went to Tasmania, it is such a beautiful place. Really enjoyed seeing your photos and enjoying your trip experience.


  4. Not boring at all! I loved joining you on your travels. Great pictures.

  5. Very interesting post. Beautiful pictures, beautiful places... looks like you had a lovely time and nice weather.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh your pic's brought back so many great memories for me. THANKS :)

  7. beautiful pics there Fiona, what a lovely holiday you've had in such a wonderful part of our Wide Brown Land... I'd love to visit Tas some day...

    Re the anonymous birthday mail... I live near Falcon WA... & I did post something to QLD recently... do you recall our emails in which you joked about not liking $100 notes??...

  8. We missed you welcome bacl...awesome photos

  9. What fabulous photos Fiona! I adore the seahorses. I had a friend who got rid or her tv and got a tank of seahorses to watch instead!

  10. Wow, looks like you had a great time, Fiona! I'd love to visit AUS some day. And go to Anthea's meet-up. ;) And anonymous gifts are the BEST! Hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

  11. What lovely pics......Tasmania has a short but interesting history!

  12. love your holiday pics,
    were you running towards or away from David Hassellhoff along that beach?

  13. Love the pics. Never tiresome. Perhaps some day I will get to see some if your lively Australia.

  14. Thanks for the Tassie tour
    Love Tassy Great photos

  15. Hello Fiona,

    Oh so many memories, I think you went to the exact same places we went to. Tassie is such a beautiful place. Spend that money wisely.

    Happy days.

  16. Such a beautiful State Fiona - we did miss you while you were away

  17. Beautiful photos - lovely of you to share them.

  18. Looks like you had a beautiful, inspiring trip. Thank you for sharing the photos, it's nice to see different parts of the world, so much to see and do xx

  19. Love your photos ....
    Nice gift from Anthea........

  20. Wonderful photos Fiona , Tasmania is a beautiful historic place , I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos , anymore to share ? Hugs Sheila

  21. Not at all boring.......beautiful!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  22. Great photos Fiona. Tassie is such a lovely place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  23. Not boring at all - lovely to see all the places that I could go if I ever got there!

  24. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Quite a few of those places are familiar to me, but now I want to go back and find some of the others we haven't visited.

  25. Thank you for showing us your photographs Fiona - lovely to see. xx

  26. What a wonderful time. Tasmania is an amazing state - so much to see in such a little space. Love it.
    Great photos.

  27. Oh wow, it looks a fabulous place


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