Monday, January 13, 2014

Lists... and Group Activities.....

How was your weekend?  I hope you had fun.... 

I did a bit of sewing.... I did the tags for my Christmas wallhanging (design by Michelle).... I am keeping the finished item as my 1 Christmas Item per month so will show it off later in the month.....  

for the last couple of years I have joined Narelle for this challenge and found it very useful to get some Christmas goodies done.... this year we have a joint blog which will be fun and full of great ideas....


Grandieboy Widget starts at school this year and needed a drawstring bag.... I used a picture from Boys Story quilt....

He is in Prep this year so needs to take some sheets to school and this is his bag for them.....

I used to get in trouble for sleeping at school!

The one day cricket started this weekend..... 

so I carried on with some sweet little stitcheries I am doing on linen....

my satin stitch is not very even at the edges so I do a little outline of backstitch at the end around it.... I don't think it is an uncommon idea .... 

... anyway... back to the cricket... I did enjoy how they mowed the field... rather a nice patchwork block look...... 

... today I am starting to sort through my cupboards and update the "UFO" list.... each new year I take pictures of UFO's I find lurking and attempt to do at least one of them each month with Wendy and Dawn at Sew It's Finished..... the Christmas wallhanging is one of them so this month's is done!

... of course any finishes go towards our joint OPAM count hosted by Peg and Kris.... I find it really motivating making lists of my projects......  I am such a show pony.....

Righto, Gotto Go... lists to make......


  1. I like Widget's drawstring bag. I have to make 2 chair bags for my Grandies before school starts. Great projects you have been working on. Dig out those UFOs for your list. I have mine fairly well done, just a bit more to add (the ones I had forgotten about that have now turned up.)
    Hugs xx

  2. Great idea to belong to all those online projects, helps keep you organised! I dont stitch stitcheries much but I do remember reading on Melly and Me or similar that she outlines the shape with back stitch first then satin stitches over the top, using the backstitch as her guide for edges? Dont know if it is worth trying or not? Great bag for your grandson. Assume they are having naps at school, which is a good idea. My youngest was constantly exhausted last year, by the time he got to December a nap at school each day would have been ideal!

  3. I have never thought about photographing my UFOs. Good plan. Maybe I would be more inclined to finish them. I am part of Sew its finished and OPAM, but this year wasn't too successful.

  4. I outline my satin stitch too...looks nicer! Have fun with your lists and UFOs. Widgets sheet bag is sure to be a winner.

  5. lol ,thankyou for my first chuckle of the day my funny friend,cant wait to see your finish,love that quote at the end,have a lovely day Lady Fee.xx

  6. *grin* I like the stitchalongs, opams, etc too which help keep me motivated and sew that extra seam to finish something so I can show it!! You sound like you are starting the year in a very organised fashion!!

  7. very cute bag for widget
    lovely stitchery, I use the stitchery around the satin stitch too to even any non compliant stitches, especially for bigger satin stitch areas
    your stitches look perfect

  8. I was going to say what Sue SA said - I have always read that you do it first and it helps form a little ridge - but yours looks great so I am not sure you need to worry so much.
    re the cartoon - first day back at work - I'll take the nap thanks!

  9. Cute bag for Widget. I used to do satin stitch that way & then started putting the satin stitch over the backstitch. Gives it a nice finish having the backstitch underneath. Hugs, xx.

  10. Cute Widget bag! No doubt about you, you will be organised by the time next Christmas rolls round.

  11. Your stirching is great...I outline, fill in and outline again of it needs it....widget bag is fantastic..

  12. Lots of stuff going on in your corner of the world!! Love, love, love the bag for widget - very cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. Nothing wrong with lists, my world wouldn't work without them. I rather agree with your pussycat.

  14. Can't beat a good list! I love the loops for your wall hanging, brilliant idea

  15. Love the bag and the stitching is beautiful. Love the cat at the end also! LOL!

  16. I do the outline first then stitch my satin stitch over the top but your way looks great. I am working on my Michelle stitchery too. Hope to finish it off for 1 Xmas Item too. I have a list too, hope to mark more off this year than I did last year.

  17. Great little bag for Widget, I don't think robots ever go out of date.
    Getting a good start for Christmas 2014 and I am still dealing with Christmas tree 2013!
    I am scared of satin stitch.

  18. Great little bag for school. Love that idea.
    Enjoy stitching with the cricket (or the tennis ).

  19. The bag looks great for school. What a great idea taking photos of your UFOs.your stitching looks beautiful and I Love the cat.

  20. Oh, to be a cat!
    Love the sheet bag. Lucky widget.
    Looks like you have some fun projects already started for the year ahead.
    Enjoy finishing.

  21. The little bag for widget is so cute and you are so organized with your lists and projects , I need to take lessons from you ;-) hugs sheila

  22. Yippeee for grandie boy going to school with such a nice bag!
    That last photo with the cat made me laugh so hard. I agree. :)

  23. Love how you have done the borders and tags on the quilt and some beautiful stitching too.


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