Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are you ready ......

.... to see what was in my huge parcel?

Maree hosted the 6 items Christmas swap and our partners were secret right up to the arrival of the parcel..... so I had no idea that wonderful Cheryll (swap mama extraordinaire) was sending to me...

These are all my gifts.. and a juicy bit of gossip... 

(I expect that news will go viral on facebook)

Something To Eat

Nyummy yummy chocs and nice tea to have with them...... I just loooooovvvveeee orange chocolate

Something For the Tree

Aren't these woven hearts so pretty... I had these on my wish list to do... now I don't need to as I have my own special ones....

Something that Smells Nice

I wish technology could add the scent of this lovely packet and soap....  there is something luxurious about nice soap and the satchet has gone into my linen cupboard (scented linen is also luxurious!) ......

Something for the Sewing Room

No mistaking that this thread holder belongs to me.....

here it is opened up and will hold lots of lovely garden thread skeins... it's just beautiful and Cheryll's stitching is just perfect and so neat ... there is also a lovely stitchery pattern, two of those beautiful threads to go in it.... and some pretty ribbon

Something to Read

.... you know I didn't have one of Marg Low's patterns... and now I have a whole book of them...and full of projects I know I will love making....

... it came with this very special bookmark...

isn't that just so delightful.....

Something for Under The Tree

you can see I am being very good... there is a big sign which says NO PEEKING  TILL CHRISTMAS... but it feels soft with a hard centre.... hmmmmm

... and an extra....

... as I said Cheryll's stitching is just perfect and I love these naughty mices on the pillow... what a lovely little detail of bells.  I had seen this one on her blog and coveted it... she must have felt the vibes....

... and another extra....

these coasters have personalised writing all around the edge from Cheryll to me... they are so fun .....

.... and another extra....

Recipe cards.. for yummy goodies... I have just recently bought gingie cutters (they are still in the packet) and was going to google a gingerbread cookie recipe... now how did Cheryll know I needed that... and some lovely gift cards ... just perfect for my wrapping of parcels...

.. and ANOTHER extra....

a lovely kitchen dishcloth wrapped around a cushion insert.... now I don't know about you but I can never find a spare one of those when I need it... It was a great extra to hold all the pressies in place in 
the box....

My first guess was for a cushion cover in the "NO PEEKING" parcel... but there is a hard piece in there..... maybe it's a giant chocolate with a giant almond inside....

.... this is the bundle all together.... 

.. the table is taken over with goodies....

... oh and there is a bon bon too.... one of those real ones which pulls and makes a bang

picture heavy post... but that is not my fault... blame Cheryll....

Righto, Gotto Go.... new toys to play with...... THANK YOU SO MUCH Cheryll - you have so totally spoilt me ... and thanks Maree for hosting this fun swap - I hope you have a wonderful trip overseas ....


  1. Lot's of lovely goodies there from Cheryll. Hugs,xx

  2. Oh yes I think that gossip will go viral! lol You have been truly spoiled with lots of goodies there. Enjoy them all and I look forward to seeing what's in that special Christmas Day gift. hugs

  3. Absolutely wonderful parcel from Cheryll. Our swap Mama sure does lead by example doesn't she. I am so glad you were spoilt. Hhmm! Does that chokkie know yet that it isn't long for this world. Lol! Enjoy it all. Hugs xx

  4. Wow! Lovely goodies. Lucky you, Fiona; Cheryll has spoilt you rotten. Isn't this a great time of year with lovely things to make and receive.

  5. WOW...WOW...WOW...and WOW....Chez is so darn generous

  6. yep Chez cant count,what lovely gifts she sent to a lovely lady,enjoy them my friend i think i hear you sniffing again,lol.xx

  7. Cheryll has spoiled you rotten. Nothing less than you deserve! I think lots of us enjoy putting the parcels together as much as receiving them (if not more).

  8. WOW!!!! You lucky girl, Cheryll is amazing.

  9. What fun, such love gifts and so lucky she cannot count! ;)

  10. Oh I'm so pleased you liked my choices Fiona! And I hate to burst your bubble... but it's a bottle of beer... in a very squishy bottle!
    This was a FuN swap to put together! EnJoY :)

  11. What a lovely parcel to unwrap,lots of goodness to enjoy for some time to come

  12. Lovely parcel...I just wonder who had more fun...Cheryll putting it together for you or you when you opened it LOL

  13. Chez has sent you a wonderful package. Can't wait to see what's in that last package!

  14. What a lovely parcel of goodies!

  15. Spolit indeed , what a lovely package of goodies , lucky you !!!Hugs Sheila

  16. That is a wonderful collection of goodies...hard to count to 6 isn't it???

  17. What great gifts Fiona...I received mine today but so far I have been good...there's always tomorrow though!

  18. What a lovely collection you lucky lady! xx

  19. What a lot of lovely gifts, bet you are overwhelmed with it all! How nice to be into so many parcels of goodies:))

  20. Such a brilliant parcel. Couldn't have gone to a nicer person.

  21. Wow, such a lovely parcel for such a lovely lady. xx debbie

  22. Gorgeous parcel of mixed wonderfulness. Gosh it's a wonder how Cheryll swap-hosts so well, her really NOT being able to count LOL
    Oh and come Christmas day, hope you enjoy your squishy beer with a nut centre, LOL

  23. Wow, that is one amazing gift parcel. How exciting!

  24. Wow Fiona such gorgeous gifts - no wonder you were thrilled

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  26. Fantastic gifts, I'm sure you will enjoy them all!! Hugs Wendy


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