Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting back on Track......

I was amazed at how the extra time having no computer benefited my crafting time!!!  

Well, I am sort of up and running again, my old computer is now a donation for spares and I am getting to know a new, racy laptop ..... (a lot of fat quarters worth in it!!) 

There is so much dependency on our technology and somehow I expect it to last forever.... and then of course one has to get to know all the 'new' stuff.......

Back to the crafting ....

I had a visit to a charity shop and found some bits and pieces...

 last year I told a fairy tale with a happy ending....

so first up I made a smaller size mushroom....

... here they are getting to know each other....

then I used a couple of pretty plates...

... and made a fruit bowl....

 .... and a skein bowl (!!!).....
(I have finished the Easter chocolates)

... and here they are getting to know each other.....

I want to find a nice larger plate and base and make a cake stand next.....

Just a cup or glass for the base and a plate or bowl for the top... a blob of hot glue .... done in a few minutes.... 

Oh... and before I forget... I know Sharon is enjoying the sneaky peaks... she does like to have a hint of what is to come....

Righto, Gotto Go..... time to take some pictures of all that quilting I got done.......


  1. lol,oh you are mean Fiona,poor Shaz,lol.
    And how clever are you i love the ones in your garden,very clever my friend.xx

  2. I love thrift shops, lots of fun finds and things to create with.


  3. love the new swap block you made ... could be a bit difficult piecing it into a quilt ... but very creative of you hun ....

    and i also love love love the new cake stands and the mushrooms ... perfect for those pixies you have in your garden ...

    clever girl ...

  4. opps!!!! fruit and skein (aka choccie) bowls ...

  5. I definitely want you to come set my table for the next holiday! great job with your treasure finds.

  6. Clever girl Love the sneak peak Wonder what it could be??

  7. Sad that you needed a new computer but I'm sure you will get the hang of it soon enough!
    You are such a tease.. about your Sharon present!!!

  8. Fun ideas......must see what our local op shops have! You won't know yourself, with a new computer.

  9. Evil Evil Evil woman! lol Not even a hint as to colours :o) Loving your thrift finds and ideas, hugs

  10. I just love your "mushrooms" Fiona. They look fantastic in the planter.

  11. Love to go to thrift shops but i never find anything interesting. Love your creations. Hugs,xx.

  12. A lot of my crafting time is absorbed by the computer too......I call it research! Great repurposing, and I think you're being such a tease.

  13. A cake stand will mean you will have to make cake! I really love the glass mushrooms

  14. You are so very clever fiona - always make such interesting and useful things from your finds

  15. Your sneaky peek for Sharon is making me laugh...clever recycling going on there - with the crockery/glassware not the scraps although I woudn't put that past you either!

  16. Finding new uses for things is great.

    Sharon, I'm sure all the teasing will be worth it when you get to see what Fiona has made.

    Can't wait to see the pictures of what you have been quilting x

  17. A new computer! Think of all the mischief you can get up to!

  18. Hope the new technology goes faster so it doesn't eat too much of your sewing time.
    Love the recycling ideas. The bowls are perfect fof displaying your goodies.

  19. what a clever little crafty girl you are, very ingenious

    it's amazing how much time we spend with our technology

  20. Welcome back to you, your computer and your wonderful imagination. Love the results.

  21. Aren't you clever , love these ideas, never would have thought of making mushrooms but they are adorable!!!

  22. Love your little dish creations... I am inspired to do some as well... my computer is away at the doctors to so we are using a borrowed one and yes you do get quite a bit done with out it xxxx


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