Saturday, November 10, 2012


Colchester is the oldest recorded Roman city in England
and was apparently the home of Old King Cole, Camelot and Humpty Dumpty!!
This is the remains of St Botolph's Priory
the first Augustine Mission in England
founded in 1100 (or thereabouts) though these walls date mid 12th century
impressive even now......
Colchester Castle is a museum and there is so much interesting history here.....
Of course the quilty looking mosaics caught my eye.....
The mosaic is dated late 2nd century
Our guide today was young Chloe....
she showed us rubbing ....
 .... and what it was like to be a Roman slave....

.... and a Roman guard....

.... we watched a squirrel hiding his winter larder....

...... anyone need inspiration for their next sewing project.....

... there was a lot more to see and read about here...
You can go on a virtual tour of the castle HERE should you be interested......

I leave England on Monday morning..... it has been such a lovely trip and what amazing memories with my family..... there are a few more pictures and trips I will share when I have settled back from jet lag at home!!

Righto, Gotto Go..... enjoying a little bit more cuddle time....


  1. oh it will be sad for you to go,i feel for you,but i am glad you are coming home,you have been missed my friend,have a safe journey back home.xx

  2. We used to go and visit friends in Colchester when I was little, never visited the sights there though.
    Have a safe journey home

  3. I am sure you will be sad to say goodbye to your family. Travel safe and it will be lovely to have you back in this time zone.
    Hugs x

  4. Fiona - it will be hard to leave after all this time. I've enjoyed all the touristy pictures - such history.

  5. I know you'll be getting some last minute squeezes in to carry home with you....I know how sad it will be to leave them all. Happy you had so much quality time with them.
    Mama Bear

  6. Enjoy your last weekend.....we have just one more week to go. Love that tiled floor, how long before we see the quilt?

  7. I love places like that, so full of history and beautiful places to walk around and enjoy with the family.


  8. Thank you for all your wonderful pics....from an Aussie missing the UK, my second favourite place in the world (after home, of course :)

  9. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your lat few days and travel safe. Hugs

  10. Oh I love Mosaic I am always in awe how they did such beautiful patterns so many years ago. Can't believe you are leaving on Monday that seems to have gone real quick. Enjoy your last days with your family. Hugs xxx

  11. It sounds like you have had such a fantastic trip. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Thanks for letting us join in on your holiday along the way. Have a safe trip home Fiona.

  12. wow you are seeing the most amazing things....

    love your tour guide

  13. I'm so enjoying the photos of your trip and your commentary as well. Hugs....

  14. OMG! How did they make buildings like that back in those days!!! Amazing indeed. Hope you're enjoying your trip.
    Cheers, Anita.

  15. Oh Fiona how it all...Wishing you safe travel back to Oz!


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