Saturday, September 1, 2012

A story of a stitchery, some events and a light box .....

I first saw this lovely stitchery on Peg's blog  and loved doing one myself  ....

This is a design by Anni Downs (Hatched and Patched) and is called New Day Stitchery....

Thanks Peg for the inspiration .....

I was thinking so much of Michelle when I was stitching this and I did miss her birthday!!! (ooops) so I framed it and sent it off to her this week.


This section will probably only interest the SE Qld people - it's really an information of some fun quilty/tea/crafty things happening here in the Toowoomba area in September .....

I am so lucky to be able to go to the Stitchers Dream Day Out this year..... this is a gift to me for some sewing I did and is the first time I have been to something like this.....  This bi-annual event is hosted by Quilters Angel and is on 15 and 16 September this year.

The designers this year are Natalie Bird (The Birdhouse), Nicky Tervo (Nicky Tervo Designs/Brandy Gully) and Gail Pan (Gail Pan Designs)

Kris will be there and I think we are going to be on the naughty table together.... hmmm.... I wonder how much stitching we will do?

Although registration was due today there may be a chance if there are any last minute wannago's...... 


Another upcoming event is the Creative Fields - this is a new activity and especially to showcase the artistic talent in the area - last year was a great success so this year it will be bigger and for longer
Saturday 22nd to Wednesday 26th September

There will be a quilt display and a variety of different stalls and exhibitions


The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is held Friday 21st September to Sunday 30th September this year and although it is primarily about Spring and Flowers there are quilty/crafty things going on to
including a quilt exhibition held by Toowoomba quilters
my favourite is the teapot exhibition where there is vintage aprons, buttons, dishcloths, doilies and dolls usually.... and delicious scones with jam!

Michelle is planning to come up one day and we will do a Creative Fields, Twba Quilt Show and the Tea Pots exhibition and fit in lunch in the park hopefully - it would be lovely if some others could join us?  Will let you know a date asap.


Recently when I wanted to get a picture off the internet to trace I had a lot of difficulty printing it out to the size I wanted - it kept just being a postcard size in spite of showing bigger on my screen....

I live half an hour out of town and did not want to drive an hour to get a photocopier enlargement and I am also not very patient to wait to do it next trip to town....

so I just taped my paper to the screen and traced it using a soft leaded pencil

I do like using a light box and Hubz made me up this one
it has holes in the side to let out some heat
and thick perspex on the top

the cover over the globe lets the light distribute evenly

a friend of mine has a similar one... they used an old drawer (I wish I had thought of that - I love recycling!)

this is a relatively easy and cheap way to get a light box

Righto, Gotto Go.... I want to trace out another stitchery to keep for myself!!!


  1. I love that stitchery and the saying, what a nice idea for a gift, I know a few people who could use some inspiration;) I use a lightbox, but I have used tracing paper on the screen when I wanted a quick draw from something I saw and too lazy to get up and use the printer.


  2. Gorgeous gift and beautiful stitching.
    Looks like lots going on in the Toowoomba area. Enjoy.

  3. looks like a lot of socialising coming up for you!
    Necessity is the mother of invention. good job.

  4. I love your stitching, and the sentiment on it! What a sweet gift it will make. You have lots of options for fun things to do there! xo

  5. What a beautiful stitchery, it makes a lovely gift.

  6. That's a sweet stitchery! My goodness, you are going to be busy this month - aren't you? I will put the Carnival of Flowers on my list for another year!

  7. The New Day Stitchery is gorgeous...lucky Michelle, what a great idea to frame it...I did laugh at the taping the paper to the monitor because I've often considered doing that myself!! so nice to know I'm not alone and my ideas are as kooky as they seem at the time :)
    My light box is made from an old key box (not small!) that an electrician friend picked up at a garage sale, he put in a circular fluoro tube and when he went to the signwriters to get some perspex managed to get the right size piece out of the discards pile, Go Recycling!!!

  8. Beautiful stitchery. I need to get some clear perspex for my box. It came with a white one & it doesn't let the light shine through to well. Love to come to Toowoomba when Michelle visits but as usual transport is an issue. Hugs,

  9. So wish I still lived in that part of the world so I could join the 'Naughty Table'.

    The stitchery is beautiful - Lucky Michelle.

    We creative types are nothing if not flexible - do what works especially when the technology refuses to play nice.

    Enjoy Spring

  10. Your stitchery looks fantastic.....well done Bubz...great idea with the tracing..xx

  11. That is a lovely stitchery..the words are just beautiful..You found a clever way to trace your design and bypass the problems with printing things out..sounds like there are some exciting events coming up for you to attend

  12. That's a beautiful stitchery and you have finished it off so well. I'm sure Michelle will love it. I think we have all traced pictures off the screen, but I agree, a light box is much easier.

  13. Love your light box! I use a table lamp under one of our glass coffee tables!!!! It works but it can be a little uncomfortable working so low down, need to talk to hubs. Love your little stitchery. Hugs xx

  14. I love that stitchery Fiona and I also have been know to trace directly off the computer screen, just not when Lily is around as I can only begin to imagine what she will do if she sees me doing that! lol

  15. Love that stitchery Fiona,what a lovely gift,well done.xx

  16. The stitchery you did for Michelle is just gorgeous and I know she loves it . Lots of interesting events in your area , too bad you are too far away I would love to attend. I have also resorted to tracing off the screen at times , usually when my printer is out of ink ;-) My light box is an old school desk drawer that Bill drilled a hole in and although not all that pretty it works well :-)hugs Sheila

  17. I love that stitchery! I think it's going on my to do list! :0)

  18. How very innovative to just trace the design straight off the screen. Clever you. Michelle will be thrilled with her stitchery - just lovely. Have fun at all your upcoming events.

  19. Beautiful stitchery! I'm sure it will be treasured. That house print will make a lovely stitchery too. Great idea about taping the paper to the screen :)

  20. Lovely stitchery,clever idea for the light box, my works the same get off the puter and get stitching!!

  21. Great to see what you have been up to.

  22. Your stitchery is beautiful, lucky Michelle! And that's a great idea for a lightbox. I have a bought one but it's broken!

  23. Lovely stitchery. Have a blast on your outing.

  24. Oh yes I am so blessed that lovely stitchery now lives with me. I love it Fiona. I am sure you will have a great time at the Quilter's Angel. I am pencilling and crossing out in my diary....can't miss out this year.

  25. love the stitchery and the lightbox is great. my dad and i made two quite a few years ago for xmas presents for myself and mum. we did ours out of mdf scrap with old handles from the 1950's kitchen reno and of course the perspex. ours had a slope to make drawing easier for mum like an old writing table

  26. I'll have to share a photo of my homemade light box which Honey Bear made. It works.
    Mama Bear

  27. What a beautiful saying :)
    I wonder if I'll see you at the Dream Day Out? Which day? I'm having my first visit too.


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