Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Solace in Stitching.....

Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages I received after my last sad post..... I just can't tell you how meaningful they were and how special your love and friendship is.... a couple of you that sent messages were no reply and I couldn't find an email address so I apologise for not responding... your condolences were so kind....

I am spending quiet days at home ...... having a bit of a cleaning frenzy

skype is wonderful and our different time zones mean we are awake when the other is not able to sleep

..... finding peace in evenings ....

... finishing off some secret swap projects....

... watching buds open  (I just love yellow flowers)

..... smiling at the antics of the galahs.....

......and feathering madly .....

Our Chris is no longer with us in person, but so many things make me think of him, and I can almost hear him laugh when I do silly things in my daze...... like put underwear in the dishcloth drawer!

your thoughts, and prayers and love are so valued... especially for his immediate family... thank you....

Righto, Gotto Go..... coffee, coffee, coffee.........


  1. I wish I lived closer. I would bring you some more yellow flowers, share that coffee and a chat and then you could teach me how to do those amazing feathers. Maybe you could talk to my machine and sort out the right tension for me because I have almost given up. Off now to make a coffee to share with you. hugs xx

  2. i love everything that Sharon said and i am making a cuppa to join you both,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  3. I love what Sharon said too!! Ill join you ladies but Ill have a green tea...will sit back with Shez and watch Fiona teach Sharon her feathers...aww what a nice way to spend the day x

  4. I also loved what Sharon had to say and wish I was closer to join you for a tea .your yellow flowers are gorgeous a little bit of sunshine for your day. Your feathers are amazing , wow ! Big hugs Sheila

  5. You've probably all finished your cuppas but I'll go make one now and smile about your underwear in the dishcloth drawer :)

  6. Fiona, I wish there was something I could say that would help with the pain.....only to let you know that time will take care of it. Yellow flowers are gorgeous, and coffee is always good!

  7. Beautiful projects and pictures for quiet contemplation. Chuckling about the underwear in the dishcloth drawer, are you sure it wasn't looking for a change of pace.
    Enjoy the coffee.

  8. I was just thinking of you earlier & wondering how things were going. Having a little chuckle over underwear in the dishcloth drawer. Have a fabulous day. Hugs,

  9. Condolences on your loss. My son had a nasty work accident recently but he's still with us.
    Keep busy making lovely items as I found it helped keep my mind from dwelling on the 'what-ifs' that I can't change.
    Big hugs to you and Chris's family XO.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear your news and my thoughts are with you and your family, keep your memories close and treasure them dearly.


  11. I was away when you first posted about your nephew and just caught up with your post now. So sorry for your loss Fiona. It is especially hard when a young person passes on. Prayers and love to you and your family.

  12. the big cosy quilt of love & support is resting over you Fiona...

  13. A little late but I'll think of you next time I boil the kettle! So very sorry again! Hope you and the family get thru this tough time...I know you will with love from friends to help!
    Hugs xx

  14. Beautiful feathers Fiona.The galahs are such fun tho watch. I really feel for you all and sending lots of hugs up the mountain to you....Michelle xxx

  15. It's the memories that keep you going, and I'm sure the underwear in the dishcloth drawer would have made him laugh.

  16. I am joining you later, but I have coffee cup in hand, thinking about you. So...does that mean you are putting your dishcloths in your underwear drawer!?!?!? I now have visions of you trying to wear your dishcloths!!! Big Hugs my friend. xxxxx

  17. It's wonderful that you have been able to keep in contact with your family, the support you will give each other is so important. Hope what support we can give does help.
    Your quilting project looks beautiful.
    If I ever get to your place I will be careful before offering to help with the dishes...

  18. Good to see you are enjoying lots of small things and remebering your sweet nephew with a smile..
    Loved the putting underwear in the dishwasher...
    wish I could bring you some Yellow Flowers Fiona..

  19. It is good that you have a wonderful husband and beautiful home with things you love and enjoy to help ease the pain of your loss. You are still very much in my thoughts and prayers, my dear friend.

    Oh, but I did have a good chuckle at your putting the underwear in the dishcloth drawer! Too funny!!! :o)



  20. Blessings! I wish I could sit and look over your shoulder as you quilt.
    Mama Bear

  21. Your quilting looks great. We only have a few pairs of galahs about but the sulphur crested cockatoos put on a good show when they fly through regularly.


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