Friday, February 24, 2012

There are No Secrets .......

I usually hope that if I ignore 'the day' I will not get any older... it hasn't worked so far but I continue to resolutely keep trying.... you never know I might be successful one day....

.... some people shout it out from their blogs!!
..... and others remember the date
..... facebook has a reminder for your list of friends
.... precious childrens phone/skype
.... grandies sing birthday songs
..... Mr Postie arrives with lots of squishy envelopes
.... invitations for chocolate cake and tea
..... a son that finds a video clip

The fun started on Wednesday when Michelle and Maree visited the area so Kris and I met up with them....

we had some tea and then went shopping... then we were exhausted and hungry so had to sit for a while and have some snacks.....
Michelle, Me, Maree, Kris

I hadn't met Michelle and Maree before and it was so fun meeting fellow bloggers - we could have been the rainbow lorikeets there was such a lot of chattering happening..... they are just like I had imagined....  AWESOME

..... they came bearing lots of lovely gifts.... thank you so much ....

fabric, fudge, patterns, notelets, strawberry bag, cards
I felt I was among amazing company - they are all designers - and great ones too so I have to tell you a little about them and I hope you can visit to say G'day....

Maree has recently been published for the first time in a magazine (see HERE) I saw that bag in real life and it is AWESOME.... I will be looking out for that issue

Michelle is the drawer of stitcheries and has recently printed a new set that can be made into a number of different small gifts (see HERE) I have one of those - lucky me.... and they are AWESOME too

Kris has a new bag with a Paris theme (see HERE) which uses up some charm squares - it is AWESOME and I will need one I think!

I have used this pattern before and I loved it and feel it is perfect for those large prints that you want to keep as a lovely picture so I made these up as gifts....

the hand stitching is effective for a border ......

The pattern is from a Handmade magazine and is by Meredith Harmer.

I have a pile of pretty blue fabrics to show you next time from birthday fat quarter swappers - a lovely way to grow a 'stash'


  1. Looks like an all round great way to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

  2. what a wonderful day for a wonderful lady,so glad you have had so much fun and i love those mats you made,the hand stitching justsets it off.xx

  3. What wonderful friends and so fun to be able to spend your special day with them. Happy Birthday!


  4. Sounds like you had a fun day out. Happy Birthday. Hugs,

  5. Thanks for a great day Fiona. I loved it. Glad you had a great Birthday.

  6. The mats look so good. Love your embroidery addition. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day together.

  7. Pleased you had a wonderful birthday Fiona.
    Nothing nicer than spending your special day with friends.

  8. Oooooooooo!!! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!! I do love birthdays! May all your wishes come true as you travel around the sun this year!

  9. Happy Birthday! I am glad you will have such good memories of this day. It looks like fun was had by all.

  10. I'm so happy that you had a great birthday spent with good friends. And very talented friends they are, too! Happy Birthday, again!



  11. What a lovely way to spend your birthday. Glad you had a great time and got spoilt!

  12. Happy belated Birthday!
    lucky you to spend the day with 3 lovely friends....

  13. Happy Birthday to you!! What fun you had.

  14. I was looking at your picture, thinking "I know that blond...why, it IS Michelle"!!! LOL! Lucky girls, all of you! Lovely, lovely gifts you received. I really like the gifts you made too, the hand stitching is incredible - extremely effective, Fiona!

    BTW - I LOVE your picture - you look so sweet and lovely!!!

  15. Happy Birthday! What fun to meet up with fellow bloggers.
    Mama Bear

  16. A big happy birthday hug to you Fiona!!Looks like a super catch up, lucky you.
    Lovely little mats, the stitching on the borders is gorgeous. You have done a fantastic job. Don't ignore your birthday, enjoy being spoilt. Start counting backwards too and you'll be 21 again soon.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! There seems to a few of us February blogging birthdays out there! I hope your day was fabulous!

  18. First time I've seen a picture of you :)

  19. Happy Birthday,dear blogfriend Fiona! I just woke up to Feb 24th. a lovely cold and sunny day up here close to the northpole!!
    Great picture of the four of you on an enjoyable day.

  20. What a wonderful way to spend a special day..I did read about it on one of the other blogs..the handstitching is a good way to add that special effect..

  21. Happy birthday, Fiona!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day with some great friends.
    Beautiful gifts, too.

  22. How lucky are you to meet up with bloggy friends. I am so glad you had such fun.

  23. Happy birthday Fiona. Sounds like you had such a wonderful birthday week.

  24. The happiest of birthday wishes to you Fiona, sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love the pic of you and the girls too .....can almost hear the chatter from here!

  25. Happy birthday Fiona. Sounds like you had such a wonderful birthday week.

  26. Sure looks like skipping this years celebration would have been a big mistake.
    Good company and delicious food, with a little shopping maybe? Perfect
    Enjoy all of the year.

  27. Happy Birthday...what a wonderful way to spend the day...gorgeous group of girls...they are all just so very special...glad you had the most perfect day...

  28. Glad you had a good day, your presents are lovely and so are your mug rugs. Hugs

  29. Happy Birthday....and remember, there are no numbers after 29!

  30. Happy Birthday to you!!!! How wonderful to spend it with the girls and it looks like you all had a lot of fun. Love your gifts...given and received xx

  31. What better way to spend a birthday than with friends , it really is special you all got together for the day . Love the mug rugs you created , lovely stitching ! Happy Birthday ! Hugs Sheila

  32. Thanks so much for coming to meet up with us and it was Great that we were able to join you for your Birthday..I'm sure we will do it again..

  33. Happy birthday......nice to meet up with the girls........

  34. Happy birthday Fiona, looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the mug rugs you made, they are so effective with the large bird print and your border stitching is perfect!

  35. I'm very late to the party but Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


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