Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lots to treasure .......

Treasure #1 - A Squishy

Isn't it lovely when you get a little squishy in your post box ..... especially one you weren't expecting....

Miss Merry Bear came to live at my house......

Isn't she a darling?

Rosie made her and sent her to live with me... she is very little (4" tall) and I am AMAZED at the detail and how it is even possible to work with such tiny pieces of fabric... thanks so much Rosie - even though it's not Christmas she is hanging up on the sideboard.....

Treasure #2 - Another Squishy.....

This squishy didn't arrive in the post and I was expecting him...

Widget came to stay for the weekend...... here he is taste testing the cake he made for Pops .....

I guess this is approval?

Treasure #3 - Can you spot it?

This is the corner of a fernery we put in 2 years ago to keep the hot summer sun off our bedroom wall.....

Can you see anything in the corner?

I'll zoom in a bit closer.........

... and closer still.... though my focus is not so good.....

A dove has made her nest ..... I am hoping that means spring in on it's way....

Treasure # 4 - Blooming georgeous.......

I showed this bush a couple of weeks ago with lots of buds....

here it is again...... just lovely

This is "Happy Wanderer" (or Hardenbergia violacea), a native Australian vine

you can see it has wandered happily out of the bed....

Treasure # 5 - Conquering New Stitches....

YES, YES.... bullion roses...
part of the sampler provided and tutored by Bari at welovefrenchknots

Treasure # 6 - BOM stitcheries.

This is the August Birdie Stitchery
designs provided free by Little Miss Shabby

I am linking today with Melody's Tuesday Treasure... where I am off to right now and see what other treasures are on show....

I hope you have a happy, treasurely, stitchy whatever you love week.......


  1. Wonderful treasures, looks like that cake tasted great!

  2. I love your visitors this week, boys to cook with, bird families and the gorgeous teddy.

  3. Such wonderful treasures! I've not seen a Widget that cute in a very long time. Your wee little bear is adorable, and it's nice to see that Spring is coming your way. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you for sharing your treasures, widget is the most special treasure of all, just the look on his cute face will make you melt.

  5. Oh Fiona, what a delightful collection of treasures. I can't decide on my favourite. Of course Widget id a treasure but the dove is pretty cool and the teddy and the hardenbergia oh and the stitcheries. Oh, heck, they are all fabulous :-)

  6. Beautiful treasures. I just love the cute little bear. Widget is so cute. :) Hugs,

  7. What great treasures you received. I am right there with Widget tasting the cake mmm

  8. Terrific treasures indeed! Hmm...kinda wanting some cake now. hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell

  9. What fabulous treasures this week, led by Widget. No wonder he is testing the cake - it looks delicious.
    So much lovely sewing. Rosie's little bear is so sweet - just like her In fact lots and lots of loveliness, thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow you have so many wonderful treasures this week. The boy and his cake is the best of course, but look at the lovely dove and all your sticheries. What fun for you!

  11. Always lots to see when I visit Bubz....love the bear, and your little man is so cute...great stitching...

  12. Wonderful Treasures...such a sweet litttle bear and a very cute 'cake tasting grandie' there. Looks so Yum! You are doing so well with all your new stitching skills Fiona. I am glad the sweet littl dove found a home with you.

  13. A lovely variety of treasures to, well treasure :-)

    Love the cheeky look on your grandson's face.

  14. Lots of lovely treasures for you to enjoy. Doesn't it just go to show that we are surrounded by treasures - just have to look for them!!

  15. Hello Fiona,

    Glad to see bear arrived safely. Having cake at your home looks like fun. Those Happy Wanderer's re-seed in our back yard and some have gone to other colours.
    Lovely lot of treasures today.
    p.s. love the sunflower stitchery.
    Happy days.

  16. Treasures galore! My favourite is Widget with the cake followed closely by the bullion roses. Loveliness!

  17. love your 'squishies'!
    Your chain stitch and roses look lovely as does your stitchery. So cute.

  18. You have lots to treasure- just love the one with the cake- it does look hard to resist!

  19. My word! A real treasure trove indeed.

  20. Happy squishy's. Love the little bear. Hope Pops got a share of the frosting!
    Lovely bullion rose.

  21. Miss Merry looks like she has found a lovely home! I just adore that little widget!!

  22. You are so lucky having your own taste tester Fiona. I have to do my own & sometimes it takes quite a few bites until I am sure it is OK. Great treasures! Tracee xx

  23. Fiona your little Widget is adorable!!!!!!!
    Joy ;o)

  24. Lovely treasures, love the sweet little bear so cute, looks like the cake tasting was a great hit too.

  25. gorgeous treasures all around - the little bear is amazing - people are so clever!!! and widget is very cute - i bet you had a great time (and he kept you on your toes!)

  26. All beautiful Treasures Fiona. I think the cake was a winner judging by the expression on the the face of Treasure # 2.

  27. I can't see a dove in treasury 3 - I'm seeing a naked man with his back to me - is there something wrong with me?!?! Very concerned...

    Your bullion roses are amazing, I think I need this tuition too!

  28. Love your squishy packages, especially the one eating the frosting. It reminds me of my younger daughter, she would just eat the frosting and leave the cake.

  29. You had some great treasures today!! LOVE your squishy's!


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