Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have been preparing borders on the Aussie Spirit blocks..... I am cutting the borders 1 1/2" wide

all different reds that were sent... but they look good together....

and stitching this little fun block....

Pattern from Australian Homespun Vol 11.7 and designed by Natalie Ross

Just the right words

and I am celebrating friendship with this lovely mug rug all the way from Sandi in Florida

just perfectly perfect

 it is the perfect size... like two coasters joined together..... fits my coffee mug perfectly and now I just need to bake a matching cupcake...

and the back is just as lovely......

needless to say it is now on my sewing desk
but I will wash my hands after eating cupcakes

Rebecca at Chasing Cottons is holding a special sewing school called Quilt Class 101 ... lots of amazing guest bloggers with wonderful ideas and tips...
I won a $20 voucher from her to spend at Oz Material Girls - they have Auctions and Bin Sales on their facebook page so I shopped there for this

(I have to admit I do very little online shopping for fabric... I generally like to see it in person first)
so I was delighted with my fabrics

I'm not too sure what I will make but they are 50cm lengths so lots of options...
I may be shopping there more often  ... Thanks to Rebecca and Louise


  1. You have been busy working on some Lovely projects. The wee stitchery is gorgeous.
    Beautiful MugRug and fabulous fabric.
    congrates on your win. I bet you spend more than the $20. LOL

  2. Great to see the Aussie Spirit blocks coming together. They look great!
    Love the other stitching you have been doing, too.
    Congrats on winning the voucher.

  3. Looking good! Your mug rug is so cute...cupcakes my favourite. Congrats on your win!!!!

  4. the quilt is going to look great. I posted the block to you today.
    Lovely mug rug and your fabric is lovely and bright.
    Watch out for that online shopping it is very addictive lol.

  5. Thanks for showing all of these fabulous things.

  6. Your quilt is coming together really well and the mug rug is very cute. I love the back too. Your new fabrics look fantastic. I would never notice the cupcake smears on those.

  7. Aussie Spirit is looking good...

  8. Fiona love the mug rug and your quilt is looking great.
    Nice purchase with the fabrics well done

  9. I'm putting together one of the Aussie Spirit quilt tops for Helen too. It's my first so am watching you to look & learn. They are such cute stitcheries so I want to do a great job. Fingers crossed! Tracee xx

  10. Your stitchery is just the mug rug!!

  11. You sure do get a lot accomplished! Love the mug rug. I've never made one yet. Maybe I should...

  12. The Aussie spirit blocks are looking great ,all those reds look perfect! Oh the mug rug is sweet ,almost good enough to eat;-) Congrats on the win too!!

  13. I just love the stacked teacups on the left of your stitchery.

  14. I love all those Aussie stitcheries.Gorgeous mug rug..

  15. I love the 'Celebrate Friendship' stitchery. I assume I can get it if I can find a back issue of the magazine. Is the pattern sold anywhere else?

    Just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading.

  16. Your pieces are wonderful and your stitchery is beautiful. I seem to miss my holes when I do the back stitch, so I have to pull out a lot and redo or leave it, as is. Wondering if I should try a thicker thread.


  17. Your stitchery is so pretty. And you mug rug what fun it makes me want a cup cake. Congratulations on your win love the fabrics that you picked.

  18. You're right, the reds look wonderful together! Love that stitchery and your new mug rug, what a sweetie to make you such a pretty one. Congrats on winning, good choice on the fabrics!

  19. Love the brights you ordered Fiona, also that mug mat is great,just another excuse to have a cupcake I expect.
    happy days.

  20. Cute cute cute! It is all cute!! You have been busy.. let me know when you make the cupcakes and I'll be over to share one with you :)

  21. You've had some lovely things come through your letterbox too!. I especially love the mug rug with the cute cup and cupcakes.

  22. The Spirit blocks with all the different reds look wonderful! Love that sweet stitchery too!
    Busy lady you have been!
    xx, shell


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