Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bubz and Yums

~ the pregnancy of a new quilt ~

~ there is a farm-house with a lean-to on the side to park the car ~

~ a dog plays under the tree ~

~ can you see - she even has her own collar and name-tag ~

~ there are carrots growing in the garden ~

I am using a pattern called "On The Farm" by Lynette Anderson

~ this is going to be so much fun ~

I 'TRIED' to make a nice Christmassy header...... but it just kept being ginormously huge..... bigger even that the computer screen..... so you have that nice small picture on the top...... any instructions for those lovely banner headers would be greatfully appreciated..........
~ Thanks to Chookyblue who came to me rescue and helped me sort the header ~

~ I have decorated the cake ~

~ made the Green Bean Relish ~

~ chopped up the apricots for jam ~

 ~ ran out of time so the jam has been temporarily postponed and fruit is residing in the freezer!! ~

~ Oh - I love the fresh fruit at this time of year ~

 ~ a friend and I decided to make our fortune selling hair clips at the market ~

~ they needed a display so Cutie Hutie was made ~

~ it seems lots of other people are making their fortunes this way too ~ 

 ~ but Cutie Hutie looks handsome ~
~ I'm just trying to think what else he can look after for me ~


  1. the header thingy there is a tick box to make your header fit - shrink to fit............tick it so it will fit then hopefully

  2. Fiona, the quilt is going to so cute , love it so far . The jam sounds wonderful ,love apricots .Sorry I can't help you with the header ,I am not so good at those things .

  3. Your have been busy.
    Congratulations to the mother to be, Love the look of your new quilt. I hope you aren't the doctor delivering the new arrival after your dolly doctor confessions!
    Your banner looks just fantastic. I think I might have to make my blog a little more Christmassy too.

  4. LOVE the new header............very cool......

  5. Looking good there..and the header is fab.
    Mama Bear

  6. Love your new header...and Cutie Hutie!

  7. Wow! You have been busy. Green bean relish sounds yummy. Never had or heard of it. I do make pickled green beans which we love. Your new header is awesome. Nola

  8. I love your new header....and I love your new quilt....and all that beautiful food! And Cutie Hutie is wonderful, I wish you great success with the hair clips - for sure you have the best display!

  9. Wanna come over to my place.... I need some cooking done? Love the "things" in your new header!

  10. Love your new banner and all the things on it, Chookblue helped me to, isn't she lovely. You have certainly been a busy bubz. DD is slowly recovering, thank you for your comment.

  11. Gosh love the banner and all the goodies you have been making...makes me feel sadly very inefficient at the moment!

  12. Fabby makes and your oo oohh is so cute , isn't he fab at looking after your hairclips. You could pegs lonely socks on him - that way they are there and waiting when the socks mate turns up :-)

  13. Hi Fiona! I love the beginnings of your new quilt...can't wait to see more of it! And your Cutie Hutie is a cutie for sure. Hope he helps you get rich! :o) That cake looks yummy...For Christmas I'm planning on making the Coconut Pecan cake for which you sent me the recipe...makes my mouth water just thinking about it!



  14. Oh, P.S. I love your Christmas header!


  15. I really like the new header, now I want to change mine. Your quilt progress is going well, I love Lynette Anderson's style. Oh, I am missing the fruits now, my pomegranate tree is frozen.

  16. Your header looks great...and I love fruit any time but Summer sure has the best variety :)

  17. Wow, you are efficient! I'm feeling so lazy and dopey. Maybe I need to make some Green Bean Relish to pep me up. Cutie Utie could have Christmas cards pegged onto his trailing tape.

  18. Ahhh, you have me in tears.....good ones of course! Could always blame the hormones but you know I'm a big softie. It looks amazing so far, you are so clever. It will truly be something to treasure....I especially love little Lola. I miss her so much. You have been kind about the carrots though, remember what the real ones looked like???? 9 days to go! Love jx


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